Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tray Cafe - Plaza Damas

flousless Belgium chocolate cake is also one of my fav
there is no guilt is having this gym bunny cake ! made with no added sugar , no butter , with banana , pineapple, carrots , dry cranberries, raisins , prunes , walnut , sunflower seeds , pumpkin seeds , eggs, honey & unbleached natural stone milled flour
taking over haute cafe at plaza damas with a simple tranformation and maintaning most of haute interior, i am just happy its another cozy cafe. crew was also from haute.

coffee was complimentry as a token of new launch for the cafe. they did not have piccolo latte on the menu but we told them how to make it and tought the foam was not there,it was a very rich and nice cuppa

cappucino was  a sweet and comfort with strong milk taste

tray's heavy pounder burger - 160 gram of juicy aussie beef was really good. i enjoy the beef patty with balsamic onion and tomato relist very much. must try!

glad they maintain one of our haute all time favourite - roast beef sandwhich.
grilled veg with roast beef and that potato is yums!

straberry cheese cake was nice. we also had tiramisu which was equallly as nice as haute version. felt like its the same just not as strong alcoholic taste..
this is a tray burger version that i love and crave for. as i ask for no dressing on salad, swap the potato to grilled veg :) a must have
guinness chocolate cake tasted really interesting. a bitter dessert. not a sweet indulgence, rather a desert witth lots of thoughts
tiramisu was delicious as usual. with a taste of alcohol.
Chicken & citrus salad with orange segments , pomegranate & citrus vinaigrette from Tray Cafe is healthy , Delicious & just absolutely generous in portion . Love it .
Creme Brulee
i was not a fan of red velvet cake as most are too sweet but this one is perfect.i love the texture of the cake too. its rather chewy:)
soft set cheesecake using Mascarpone for a smooth, silky texture... folded with vanilla bean crème Chantilly was OMG!
singapore sling
choc and cheese was great! not sweet, a lil bitter and rich!

australia coffee walnut cake.
salmon salad was nice!
ratatouille with pilaf
easter chocolate cake!!
easter special- turkey with srping vegetables and roast potato
roast beef salad is awesome
70% dark choc is really good!
chicken burger
lamb burger my way
smoked salmon and salmon fish cake was yummy!
here comes the French butter cake
open chicken sandwhich is state of the art
Chicken HArissa with couscous is heavenly! chicken is so tender. a perfectly balance meal
Quiche with 3 cheese . you simply cannot not love it.

frensh onion soup was purely onion and made from beef broth.  love it and best thing? comes with a cheese scone!
rum and raisin cheese cake is omg yummy and rich and not sweet at all:)
Turkey noodle soup from Tray Cafe reminds me of mom's cooking :) just abit of noodle and lots of warm in the soup . Best for a cozy day .
Homemade lemonade by tray cafe is Omg sour and gives you a kick to start da day . Love it :)
this is Rocky Volcano. And it melts in your mouth . It's just chocolate ,
Chocolate and chocolate ! I would say even without the caramel it's awesome on its own and not sweet.

yummy pasta.

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