Saturday, January 31, 2009

South Sea Chinese Restaurant and CNY Day 6

its a yearly affair that alex would have salted crab during cny. normally we have it at Unique seafood in PJ but this year we op for a cheaper version at Restoran South Sea at Old Subang Airport. Unique seafood still better but ofcourse, its double the price.

RM39.60 local salted crabJapanese Escargot RM13.90 half dozen
Mee Suah Noodle RM12
Veg, RM12
while i am back in kl, mom is till at Johor. and during day 6 of CNY, uncle hired Lion Dance Troop.. Huat huAt HUat HUat HUat! UNcle amd family with some of his staff.

UNcle Kim

South Sea Restaurant

229,J Dua A,KG Baru Subang


Friday, January 30, 2009

lorong seratus tahun- usj

at Lorong Saratus Tahun Taipan USJ . was here just yesterday.And today, with these 3 fellas:) raine,timberleg and dark harkonnen. also with annie and johnathan there as i suggest to the earlier to try out this place.well, dark harkonnen insist that i blog about this particular kapitan chicken where they forgot to take order. karkonnen was starving like mad. he name this dish, the chicken that almost never came. anak timberleg treat us lobak:)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lorong Seratus Tahun now in Taipan USJ!

Day 3 of CNY i was back in KL around night time. so me and cousin sze thien head to newly open Lorong Seratus Tahun Restaurant(name after a street in penang i think) at Taipan USJ ( beside kopitiam and D'Fortune). Previously they had a branch at Ss2 .(mind you the pic i took last time was really bad) and the food was good! and price was fair too! mind you adrian went there 3 times already ever since he got back.must try their chee cheong fun with prawn paste.and curry laksa - famous

and char kuey tiao!!!!! woohooo . and i love the si ham. small and chewy. dun really like the big ones.....too bloody..... fungus with pear and winter melon. this one is good.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Subang Parade / Ara Damansara /Teo Chew Bak Kut Teh

went to subang parade nike because alex wanted to get new year clothes. we stop by here for some pictures.

and later, ice kacang,toast bread and nasi lemak at Uncle Lim. i am gaining weight!later we head to Ara Damansara NZX. this is my 2nd visit. more shop this time first we wanted to go for the disney lantern show but nothing special, for the kids maybe but not us. it cost RM10 per entry. but you can peek from outside and see the disney figure inside.
Dinner at ss18 Teo chew Bak Kut Teh. Serving was huge and worthid. RM8 per person.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Health Today Feb 09 issue.

Petaling Street with mom

Drop mom at Tung Shin Hospital early this morning for medical check up while i head to PAvilion for class.. LAter pick her up and we head to petaling street for lunch. we op for Koon Kee Wan Ton Mee! darn good! especially the oyster sauce.after the famous petaling street ice longan, mom bought wax duck for aunty jenny.and mochi ......with 6 different flavour.and then i saw this long que.......woo hoo! according to alex, this is still the best branch to get roast meat. as the sifu there has many years of experience and their secret lies in the charcoal.then mom took a quick look and bargain with these tibetan accesorries seller.

and that was it, a quick 1 hour lunch break at Petaling Street!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kung Fu Pan Mee - Sri Sentosa Old Klang Road

Breakfast with mom this morning at Sri Sentosa - Kung Fu Pan Mee. Rm5. really smooth......and long......and this is how long it is!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009! . Agefuku. Ogawa Kitchen . Papparich

so where did you did your count down? at popular hangouts? in front of the tv? me and alex did our count down infront if this pc. stock market? haha no. we were referring to have an accurate time for count down. as the time setting is same as the atomic clock in Greenwich London.haha, what a way right? so at exactly 12am, infront of this screen we hug each other and yell happy new year!awwwwwwwww.........

then we look out at the window for fireworks and alex yelled out to the neighbourhood HAPPY NEW YEAR!

and our son, could not be bother. he slept for a year. from 08 to 09......:Ptoday's late lunch was at Agefuku, hehe yes again.quite good la, considering you wanted ramen but dont want to get stuck in finding parking at major shopping outlets. below is a rm9 Kim Chi ramen. i got a Miso Soup Ramen. i have filled up agefuku reward card and the next visit i get to redeem a free meal. For dinner we decided to give Ogawa Kitchen Taipan a try. with Lorraine.then desert and chit chat at Papparich. this time their iced cappuccino was way better than white coffee. and laychee cincau was ok.

and later when on our way home, alex told me his encounter with some famous HK celeb including sally yeh, sandy lam,emil chau, ( as alex cousin Mac Chew is a famous music composer)andy hui, soo weng hong ( during his audit with Genting bhd) simon yam, kei kei . And not forgetting Ng Man Tatt ( the guy that always start behind Stephen chow , cos Ng Man Tatt is Alex's cousin. he talks about years back when ng man tatt went to segamat). hehe...........

ok hows your new year?