Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Fitness Q2 Launch

cartoon is the theme:) so there you go, many pooh, many many taz, many many mickey! some smurf:) daffy.....popeye, olive, haha! thanks guys for making this possible!

For adoption

we saw her wondering around our apartment car park few days ago. She is about 6-8 months old, very friendly, we were surprise that she even knows how to take simple command such as Seat, hand, roll over..... If we could we would keep her. Please help me spread the word, please help her find a home.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adrian and Shao Yi's big nite!

Started the day with Q2 launch, (pics to be up on FB soon i hope) then at the end of the day, rush to take bath, make up.......thanks again to Celest for she really is a great make up artist, its not her full time job, just one of her passion. haha......all FOC. SO we arrived just on time! last call before the dinner starts! and the bride and groom walk down the aisle , so happy for them!!!!!! the dinner was filled with more than 3 tables of instructors and members. it was like an awesome mini gathering. Food was good, setting was great, the jazz band even got us singing when they sang a famous hokkien song " ai piah jia eh eia". So, kudos to PJ Hilton and thanks to Adrian and SY for this wonderful evening. oh i love this picture, it was taken randomly yet i think it looks really studio and all of us are like a stage play character no?

and as usual, some expected unexpected happened, too many tongue came out"P.

all the BC instructors, cant help combating even in dinner wear.

nothing but laughter all evening!!!!!!!!!
sneak peak on the launch pic

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wellness Massage Taipan

the last time i went for massage was about 6 months ago at Taipan. The massage was good but i woke up feeling extremely dizzy. hence i gotten abit phobia. This time round with the recommendation of Frances(gym member) i try another massage at Wellness Massage center also at Taipan ( same row as Guardian, just beside bee's cake house). sorry guys, its only open for ladies. They charge RM60 fort 1 1/2 hours and Rm50 for 1 hour. i told Kak Yuna, about my bad experience and she say i should not worry. She will know how to do it. So we started with my face down, did the normal massage routine. As kak yuna ask me to flip over to face up, i started to develop slight dizziness. She says its normal. something to do with the blood flow. SO then i flip over to face up and she did some other massage routine. Lastly, which was the best part she finish with a head massage, then she ask me to seat up and suddenly out of no where, wrap a super hot towel around me! OMG! i was sooooo awake after that! feels great! Then the other best part came, i was served hot ginger tea......woohoo. must try ladies! At least i don't feel dizzy :) call them at 03-56389590

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grand Steamboat Garden USJ 10

Newly open steamboat restaurant at USJ10(same row as stand chard), its buffet style with a twist, food are serve on the revolver! For poultry such has beef, chicken and fish, you can ask from the kitchen as if you happen to seat at the tables behind, poultry will be all gone before they get to you. complimentary drinks are serve aswell, they have ice lemon tea, mango, blackcurrant and orange juice. they also serve 8 different kind of sauce which makes it yummy. consist of BBQ, Green Chili, Tom Yam, Satay sauce.....etc. the beef and fish are really fresh, they brought it daily. so we were like having shabu shabu :) ALL for only rm20 nett per pax. offer until 30th June 09. then they will start charging a normal price of RM26.80 per pax. available during dinner from 6-11pm. for lunch they serve set . from RM7.80 to Rm17.

03-5638 9201

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kokopelli Traveller's Bistro Section14

While fetching simone home from Delon's wedding on sunday, we pass by a terrace house turn bistro, simone told me their signature dish its actually char kuey teow hence we decided to give it a try today. Place is really welcoming and cozy - its call KOkopelli Traveller's Bistro. Do call to reserve as they have merely 12 tables there. apart from char kuey teow which is awesome! their other 2 signature dish are lasagna and lamb shank.

can you see the "roots curtain"? nice!

This new age mocktail is call Fly me to the moon(The Blue) which consist of pineapple juice, combination of monin syrup. one of their signature. and its a real good thrist quencher! price at RM7.90

Classic mushroom soup with fresh mushroom, portobella, swiss brown and white button. RM10.90
and this is the very famous char kuey teow!for Rm10.90, its a little but spicy but that what makes is taste great. the kuey teow are soft and smooth, simply ichiban.
Seafood pasta RM20.90

french onion soup was great. cheesy. recomended.

cappucino lacks coffee aroma . very blant

creme brulee

i did enjoy the banotoffe pie