Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thai Corner Restaurant - Taipan

Pandan chinken
Siakap Fish....where?........already inside alex's stomach
Alex undressing the chicks.......... We were hunting for dinner when alex says he wanted to eat something that he had plan for 3 years! but never had a chance. that is having a whole siakap fish for himself from the Thai COrner Restaurant ( Taipan).

in addition, he ordered another 3 pandan chinken.

well, i was happily staring him eat ..... did not see him eat this fulfilling for a while now. has he has been loosing weight.......6 kg in a few months time.

so in the end, alex ate 6 serving of rice, a whole siakap fish, and 3 pandan chicken:)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Brunos - Jaya33

STeak at RM38.oo
Salmon at RM42.00

woke up in the morning for a class in taipan. later, meet up with alex and had lunch at Brunos-Jaya33. its a non halal restaurant as they serve pork. the interior is nicely done and gives you a cozy and fine dine environment. love the selection of furniture. especially the chairs.
food was at a affordable prize and good quality. the beef i ordered was juicy and tender. salmon - fresh. service - good.
so i had a non expensive fine dine experience....and its nice.....definately compatable to shook and la fette ......and alex took the bill:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its not easy being santa.....

To be Santa, you have to.........

Ride on a bike.....

Do Push Up.....

Do Cardio Workout.....

Abuse by kids.....
Abuse by Adult.....
So.....its not easy being santa.....
Wait.....who is the real santa?????

Boss and Us.....

Q4 Launch Part III

Hot Stepper!
Santa can jam too! Who say you can't change in the studio? Jason and the 'S' Sista!
For more information, log on to, click on flickr on the lower right.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Q4 Launch Part 2

Me waiting for Jack Jack and Santa to send me the link to all pictures they took:)

Me...the santarina:P

Capoeira Theme Class

Thanks to ANdrew and Quek from Bantus and fellow members!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Outing with my cousins

ALex with" Volcano"
saw Alvin and the chipmunks at pyramid
Alex and my cousin Da Win
Myself,Sze Ting,Sze Min,Uncle Alan,Jia Yee,Dar Win,Jia Sheng,Jia Chuen,Jia Jia
Myself, Alex,Sze Min and Da Win few days ago, i got a call from my uncle alan from johor. As mid valley hotel was fully booked, he was asking my suggestion of hotels to stay and shop. so i suggested sunway pyramid and pavilion or bukit bintang area. so last night 9 of them rested at JW Marriot Hotel and had dinner at SHook. ordered some dishes and 1 bird nest each which the bill comes up to about 2k ++. Bird nest cost rm130 per serving. i could not join them as i am in jaya33 for Q4 launch.

today they head over to pyramid hotel. myself and alex meet up with them. before that, alex and i head over to pyramid for lunch at ajimean...ramen restaurant which has branches all over the country. alex wanted to order ran-ku ramen but it is sold out. hence he settle with a flamming hot volcano ramen...yes...its call volcano ramen! and the food is nice!

after lunch, we went for the movie"i am legend"...OMG.......when Sam died...we cried like hell:( sob sob thank god its just a movie. definately a mush watch folks.
then we meet up with my cousins and uncle and head over for dinner at dragon-I. another awesome restaurant. later we head to coffee bean and ended up taking some pictures.

it was a day well spend.i have not seen my cousins for over a year now. they were really grown up! Miss them alot:) and my uncle alan too!

RPM X'Mas RIde with the reindeers THeme CLass! and italiannes

Many thanks to Eng GUan , CHewbacca , JAck JAck and all memberbs.

Eng Guan Also bought 60 stress release star squeezer for the participant. We later went to D'Ilalies for pastas,pizza and Tiramisue with RUm...yumyum.....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

We Love you Santa!feat.Q4 Launch!

Santa can Balance too!

Wai Hoong & Santa
Santa needs CPR!
Santa touching innocence gurl looks closely....OMG
Who has a bigger belly?

Santa Doing Pump
Me taking advantage of Santa