Thursday, March 29, 2012


Beef Pie

chicken pesto. this dish is large. but for RM39.90, i would not aspect anything lesser

steak burger

Beef Lasagna

CHeese burger

balsamic  chicken . one of my fav.
pasta with citrus and mushroom

vietnamnese chicken salad. all time fav.

Friday, March 23, 2012

E Ru USJ9 Natural and Organic Vegetarian

one of my all time favourite place for  vegan food. price is cheap and they serve brown rice as well.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tonkatsu Pavilion

At first i had doubt trying it as pork was not my forte let alone it was fried.  and bot was i wrong. absolutely a must have.  first the DIY sauce when you prepare sesame and sweet sauce together. the aroma was really nice. i tried both pork loin and pork fillet cutlet. i enjoy the nugget like cutlet more. juicy, tender and fresh. breadcrumb was not over powering at all.  do give it a try! and if pork is not your forte, they have chicken too.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bangkok Beat Bistro

Newly open in Empire shopping mall. was there during their first day or operation and  system was quite messy. i like t
 he variety of food choice and prices, ambience is very nice. However, there were not enough man power , wrong food being delivered and it took 1 hr for them to serve.

i enjoy the fish in tom yam. however not authentic thai  for me

fried olive rice was nice. perfect paired with cashew

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Steam Room

Food was decent. steam rice texture is nice.


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I am glad i dont have to travel all the way down to KL for a good bowl of ramen now that EMpire has it. If you dont have a big appetite, 2 person can surely share a bowl. or pay rm3 for additional ramen. the pork is tender and the ramen is absolutely quality. no matter now long its been inside the water, it does not loose its quality. absolutely worth a try. their direct competitor would be santouka. both equally good. i felt marutama broth is the type where at first you feel quite bland but the more you drink it , the more you like it.

chicken meat ball was just ok for me

T Forty Two

Another Big Group creation. I am glad its in Empire, near to where i live. Good thing is right here you get a combo of pastry, cakes and also food from Ben;s

Duck confit wrap at RM13.90 is a good deal

Mocha is surprisingly good

warm scone was a delight

cappucino was okay
wow chicken ranch wrap looks so apetizing and taste awesome!
t forty two house salad is just refreshing. love them.
passion fruit cheese cake

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Strawbery Field

they have 2 outlet. one at usj 10 and  the other at PJ states. my fav dish there would be tom yam mee hoon and pineapple fried rice. value for money

clear tom yam soup with chicken and 3 types of mushroom was great!