Saturday, April 27, 2013

Big HUg BUrger - Ss15 Subang Square Corporate

Located at Subang Square Corporate, much more spacious and friendly service , its a new burger joint. the large teddy bear is the shop icon  i tried the honolulu hawaii chicken burger and mario beef burger both were juicy beef patty here is special because it is welldone on the outside but rare on the inside

Friday, April 19, 2013

Le Delicias - Citta Mall

must say the food here is good. a tad too shy for the hazel nut cake i tried as review on other blog for cakes was good. wanted to tryt heir coffee but machiene was spoilt. pork burger was awesome. duck confit and pasta was good too. ambinece is very cozy.

Le Trianon - Citta MAll

Have you been to a cake shop that only sells 1 type of cake? No cake display at counter. Just look at the TV . This is Le Trianon . At Citta Mall. Thumbs up for the taste. There is also Chocolate HEavenly cake which they sell but in a whole.

Sao Paolo - Citta Mall

from Brazil to Malaysia. Friendly staff and cappucinno for me was good! and the cup looks beautiful.  will be back. cakes looks tempting.

baci Italian Cafe - Citta Mall

this is a place with very nice ambience but food was a tad shy and staff that kept getting the delivery wrong. Coffee was normal. Bread for the BLT sandwhich was crunchy and customize your own salad is a must have.  (thumbs up ) and fiilings are normal. Chiken soup in pie, the soup was watery and oily, it all looks like fast food to me. pizza was ok. salmon portion was a tad too small and baked white fish was pretty normal.

Figaro Coffee Company - Citta Mall

it was a pleasant envinronment with tv everywhere on fox channel. food is price reasonbly and staff was helpful. there are board games available too. Cappuccino was normal for me , signature Figaro Beef Burger was just ok for me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Palm - Tropicana Gold and Country Resort

I like The Palm's environment. its casual and carefree. Food choice ranging from Asian to Western at an affordable price and taste was decent too. Sour soup to kick start was a tad too sweet for me. Curry Laksa serving at RM14 was generous , the soup tasted clear yet full of curry goodness . I have only down the soup and chicken, vegetables but not the noodles. only the fish ball is a dissapointment , i find it not fresh or undercooked. Nasi lemal with sambal sotong was suppose to be fantastic as recomented by a friend but it turned out shy as aspected.

Jojo Italian Restaurant- Tropicana Gold and Country Resort

Located at Tropicana Gold and Country Resort in an Italian Restaurant with cozy ambience.. I was told the Tiramisu here is really good and thus thats the first dish I ordered and asked to be serve first. I simply cannot wait. And at RM20 a slice, it was worth it. A taste of perfectly balance slice of tiramisu. Coffee was good also.  other 2 dish that i choose to try was a rack of medium well lamb with black pepper sauce at RM48, turn out to be delicious and Rm45 Organic Barramundi fish with special lemon sauce was decently nice.