Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hock Lam Beef Noodle SIngapore

walk pass this shop. seen alot of patrons. hence decided to give it a try.

slice beef was ok for me but the star of the day was definately the soup.

Nine Thirty Awfully Chocolate- SIngapore

pass by this shop filled with customers and its all about chocolate.

so i tried their famous Hei Dark Chocolate Ice Cream it was really really good. one of the best ice cream i have ever had.

dark chocolate truffle was amazing.

picollo latte was good

High Society Marina Sand Bay Singapore

unplanned, walk pass, saw cakes, bought and ate:P this is caramel biscuit with mascarpone cheese . was a good one. crunchy on the outside and ice cream like on the inside. yummy!

classic cheesecake was okay too.

Au Chocolat MArina Sand Bay Singapore.

AU Chocolate took aoocupied a huge space at Marina San Bay. VAriety of cheese cake available but i did not try as i have ate too much. Friend take away a macaron for later munch.  Restaurant was filled with people and mostly having tower chocolate cake. will be back to try that.

Mont Blanc Macoron is huge and really a tad to sweet for me. plain sugary

Friday, January 25, 2013

Butter + Beans @ Seventeen Section 17 Happy Mansion

place was tiny, tiny but cozy. Staff was friendly, very chill and hommie feeling. open daily 8.30am - 8.30pm
mocha was really good. not too swett but fragrant
piccolo latte was good too:) Was a nice experience. various bread type was serve too.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

N Brew @ E Curve

Come over to E Curve daily 11.30am-8pm try out LIQUID NITROGEN Ice Cream at their temporary kiosk. Shop will be open mid feb with more
Goodies :) make on the spot . I go for watermelon + Stramberry because there is no additional sugar. Only fructose from the fruit itself . Guilt free! Cooling and refreshing :) like Nbrew on fb and get rm1 off :)
Other flavours include chocolate and nuts and vanilla.
Creme Brulee is nice too!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Fa Ying by Rama V - PAradigm Mall

nice boulevard set up, staff was friendly but not fluent and understand in englih.
minced beef with cucumber . i decided to give it a try as many blogger recomend this dish. frankly speaking, was just normal and okay for me. decent. but nothing to shout about. for rm12, i guess nothing cant complain either
thai beef sate also recomended by other food blogger. plus point, it was all lean mean. sauce was normal.
tom yam prawn on the other hand, i enjoyed this. althought look diluted, but taste was just nice. not on the spicy side.
pamelo wit prawn salad was refreshing.
lemon grass creme brulee was sweeeettttt. a tad too sweet especially the burned sugar. and the biscuit, good to look at, too sweet to eat.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Swich Cafe Publika

having a kiosk for now, business is certainly good. manage to try carrot and cranberry cake and walnut cake. both was good and not too sweet.

red velvet was just okay for me.

signature chocolate cake was perfect!
Rock and roll from
Swich cafe . Fresh cream, homemade salted caramel , valrhona ganache , hazelnut and almond . Took a tiny bite . Was good .
orange cake with belgium chocolate ganache