Thursday, July 30, 2009

My HoneyMoon & Xian Ding Wei

No no no, not my honeymoon:) although i am looking forward for a short holiday. its a new desert outlet in Sunway Pyramid. check out .Give it a try!
Marble soy bean curd

aloe vera crystal grass jelly- can u see the jellys? crystal clear right.....yummy!

Dinner at xian ding wei sunway pyramid. its almost similar to fong lye restaurant at the gardens.

oh and this is a must try at pavilion's food republic. Search for shop name THYE HONG. try the below fried prawn mee:)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ali Cafe- USJ Sentral

Newly open Ali Cafe at USj Sentral ( opposite Giant). Thumbs up for their coffee. atleast the one alex tried is really good. its called Alicafe Ginseng & Oligofructose(cold). so good that i had to personally inform john and adrian, the 2 coffee lovers:) i hope the rest of their coffee is good too. lots of variety : tongkat ali & ginseng, kacip fatimah, collagen coffee.....etc

Lots of variety of food where you dont get at coffee shop such as : cucur udang, keropok lekor, special breakfast with hash brown and salted mushroom, red bean donut, rendang spaghetti, pumpkin kaya toast,kerabu papaya.......etc.

food wise i have only tasted the alicafe special fried rice - ok ok only. Toast is one of the worst! i think its the quality of bread.

service wise, the guy - no good. the gurl - good:)

pricing - good.

give it a try guys and let me know:)

oh, do you know there is another 2 bak kut teh shop open there? makes 3 now! and if you wonder where restaurant d'fortune (used to be beside taipan kopitiam) went, it at USJ sentral now. business as usual.....quiet:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shape/Men's Health Night Run

we left the house at 6pm, road to venue was rather smooth, just thought putrajaya should have more signage as some of the signboard was rather confusing. quite happy with the whole event, quite well organize. meet some peeps, got some goodies, time well spend. and bravo to alex which did his first run after 5 years. was rather worry about his heart but had to trust that he is confident in doing it and this is one of his passion. He still wants to do at least a triathlon ! his last one was 5 years ago. Finger cross ........

More pics on facebook.

Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend round up

congrats cindy on her new home sweet home. thanks for inviting us over and is perhaps the longest house forming party for me, from 7pm till 1 am:P and these gals and really drink. from baileys to red wine, to chivas and whiskey. fuh.....and me, just sticking to plain water which i enjoy:)
got a rather challenging news this weekend, knowing that my aunt is now in hospital on a critical stage of cancer. i see and feel tremendous love and the importance of family, as when we are together, our bond and love are so Strong, that we can over come any challenges.
went to pyramid for lunch with uncles and oh my, got stop by the DJ that is working part time with TF, he was at pyramid doing a Alliances bank promotion. all i had to do was to give 3 MJ songs and i get to win a screw driver set from the bank. So i said: Beat it, Dirty Diana(of all the songs i have no idea why this songs just pop out ) and Thriller! hehehe, so i got the screw driver set and the Dj says, thank you True Fitness:P
did not make it to farm town farmers party as i want to spend time with family and aunt, but i am glad they had a blast! we shall have another one ya! And last but not least, congrats to all New BA Trainees! a new page as begun:) enjoy it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sauna Prawns @ Ah Yat Restaurant and Supper Buffet

Alfee brought us to ah Yat restaurant at subang industrial area for dinner. He introduce us a must have - Sauna Prawns and we had the chance to witness the making.....

1) a steaming hot wok, Live prawns and a glass of beer.

2) dumb live prawns in steaming hot wok with beer. sorry prawnies! 3) is less than a minute, DONE! This dish is at RM33Fried prawn paste
Steam fish at only Rm18.90

all dishes above cost us RM100 sharp. including rice and drinks. on the gurl below is fennie our member, also PEggy(BC) cousin. Just found out during dinner just now:) welcome to the gang!

straight after dinner alex had to head for a seminar at PJ Hilton, and so i tag along and settle myself at the hilton's cafe. decided to go for RM28 Supper dessert buffet.....yes....omg, cant believe i did that. Need cardio tomorrow!

Have a great weekend ahead peeps!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Makan-Makan @ Sunway Pyramid (kim gary, pommes Frities, gasoline, korean street cafe, pasta zanmai)

was craving for Kim Gary instant noodle, the last time i had it was with Adrian, SY , kress and Alfee. hence we head there for lunch before going to jaya club. could not get a car park at the open space as i just found out in the morning its open only for season pass holder. and i was having a major headache that i decided to drop the plan. but that did not bring me down, instead of lunch, plan B was to go Kim Gary for Dinner:) i filled my tummy with no so healthy,suppose to be eaten only on the weekend food - instant noodle! and of course french toast. a must to have in KG. after dinner, we decided to do a little window shopping and i at the same time, i was craving for desert. we walk to asian avenue only to discover more new destination to filled up my tummy in the future:)

first stop was Gasoline - a pirate ship design

Pommes Frities - specialize in Mussels and Belgium friesFormosa TaiwanRM CafeTako!Korean street cafeYokomon Ice cream!congee shopand in the end? i pick pasta zanmai desert of the month:P Rm8 . quite a lot of fruits to go with. Alex had macha ice cream. not bad but still prefers kampachi macha ice cream made by chef Liew.and last but not least a vanilla ice cream in waffle RM5.90 from a japanese shop. cheper to buy it here, if you order in pasta zanmai, cost you RM8 plus the shop is just beside pasta zanmai, i think it belongs to the same company as the set up is the same as in One Utama. Wah, all the above in less than 1 1/2 hours. hehe. alright, that means extra weight in BP class tmw morning!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Restoran Rasa Sayang, kelana jaya

Today's dinner at Kelana Jaya's Restoran Rasa Sayang, i might have been here before long time ago, i could not remember. but thanks to joanne, we got a chance to try something new and worth the price. Joaane has been "Selling" this place to for some time now, kept saying we should come here for makan after gym, did not make it last Tuesday , so we decided to make it today! Lorraine took us there with a short cut, had to made a very salah illegal right turn some more, freak me out. but its all wort hid. as its actually not hard to get there is you use LDP. just turn in after you see caltex, go straight and turn left again and it will get you there.......i guess:P something like that.

as you can see we are very happy:) love this picture below. JOanne actually reach there first so she ordered the special dish that is a must have. but this is the first time all of us trying this steam fish, and oh my, was it good! BEFORE......

AFTER.........i have sin again.......the must have marmite ribs

claypot tofu

all in, 4 dishes, 4 rice, and 1 coke cost only Rm54.80! And joanne bought us dinner! we wanted to pay her back but she asked us to keep the money and don't insult her:P so thanks alot mama joanne!!!!!!you are an angel!

Friday, July 3, 2009

cafe simple nyanya- usj 10

was suppose to go a vegetarian restaurant for dinner, as we were driving there, we got attracted by this newly open Nyonya cafe in taipan.(same row as strawberry field). the lady boss and her sons are helping out. sons are doing a great job, can tell they are giving 100%.and so one of the boys intro us this drink below, by the name Ayer longkang, yes......taste something like lime+ cin cau.mee goreng nyonya mee goreng baba
otak-otak omlette-i like this one.

and this one:)

Simply Nyonya Cafe

38,Jalan USJ 10/1B

47620 UEP Subang Jaya