Monday, July 20, 2009

weekend round up

congrats cindy on her new home sweet home. thanks for inviting us over and is perhaps the longest house forming party for me, from 7pm till 1 am:P and these gals and really drink. from baileys to red wine, to chivas and whiskey. fuh.....and me, just sticking to plain water which i enjoy:)
got a rather challenging news this weekend, knowing that my aunt is now in hospital on a critical stage of cancer. i see and feel tremendous love and the importance of family, as when we are together, our bond and love are so Strong, that we can over come any challenges.
went to pyramid for lunch with uncles and oh my, got stop by the DJ that is working part time with TF, he was at pyramid doing a Alliances bank promotion. all i had to do was to give 3 MJ songs and i get to win a screw driver set from the bank. So i said: Beat it, Dirty Diana(of all the songs i have no idea why this songs just pop out ) and Thriller! hehehe, so i got the screw driver set and the Dj says, thank you True Fitness:P
did not make it to farm town farmers party as i want to spend time with family and aunt, but i am glad they had a blast! we shall have another one ya! And last but not least, congrats to all New BA Trainees! a new page as begun:) enjoy it!

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