Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Makan-Makan @ Sunway Pyramid (kim gary, pommes Frities, gasoline, korean street cafe, pasta zanmai)

was craving for Kim Gary instant noodle, the last time i had it was with Adrian, SY , kress and Alfee. hence we head there for lunch before going to jaya club. could not get a car park at the open space as i just found out in the morning its open only for season pass holder. and i was having a major headache that i decided to drop the plan. but that did not bring me down, instead of lunch, plan B was to go Kim Gary for Dinner:) i filled my tummy with no so healthy,suppose to be eaten only on the weekend food - instant noodle! and of course french toast. a must to have in KG. after dinner, we decided to do a little window shopping and i at the same time, i was craving for desert. we walk to asian avenue only to discover more new destination to filled up my tummy in the future:)

first stop was Gasoline - a pirate ship design

Pommes Frities - specialize in Mussels and Belgium friesFormosa TaiwanRM CafeTako!Korean street cafeYokomon Ice cream!congee shopand in the end? i pick pasta zanmai desert of the month:P Rm8 . quite a lot of fruits to go with. Alex had macha ice cream. not bad but still prefers kampachi macha ice cream made by chef Liew.and last but not least a vanilla ice cream in waffle RM5.90 from a japanese shop. cheper to buy it here, if you order in pasta zanmai, cost you RM8 plus the shop is just beside pasta zanmai, i think it belongs to the same company as the set up is the same as in One Utama. Wah, all the above in less than 1 1/2 hours. hehe. alright, that means extra weight in BP class tmw morning!

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