Sunday, October 10, 2010

my birthday 10.10.10 Jyu Raku and Ole Ole Bali Empire


MY 10.10.10 BIRTHDAY

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kuchai Lama Cao Cao BBQ Lamb

mom took me here the first time. and today i am back for bbq lamb and prawn mee. yet to get a chance to try other stalls. i shall be back. personally i love the ambience ...its just relaxing:)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bodycombat special master class

Bodycombat module training/special master class and Peekae & karun trip to KL

so we have been chatting on skype looking forward for the up coming bc module training with the newbies. it was training for peekae and holiday for karun from thailand. the day finally arrived and i head to LCCT for pick up. it was lovely to see them again. first time we meet was 2 years back in KL quarterly workshop. then it was a previous bc module training - click .HERE
and after that was my trip to thailand where they brought me around. trip was really fun so this time round, its my turn to treat . click here for my trip to thailand.

so here i am with daniel at LCCT. a big and started cam whoring with peekae and karun upon arriving. it was my first time to LCCT. man it was so different from KLIA.

all 4 days there were just alot of food involve! from pun choi to steamboat, to dragon i, to seapark best nasi lemak....etc etc. some pics taken while eating

knowing that my birthday was just few days away, peekae got me a pressie. it was 2 twins shirt, with a special embroidery - "stay with the fight". its a bc quote.

and so the bc module was runing for 3 full days. I was their driver and caterer:) module was Peeake and renee with 20 new trainees.

on the second day, peekae offer to do a special master class for TF. turn out was amazing. thanks to members and instructor that made an effort. i can tell members are really happy as there were not even living the studio after class end. Peekae was bringing back all the older releases and man it was memorable. he also brought some t shirt from thailand to give away to members. how nice was him.

so the master class start with karun, alex and lorraine as shadows.

then on track 8, peekae invite all his previous trainee to come on stage. energy awas amazing! highlight was track 10 cool down with tarakihi. at first peekae wanted to do hard to say i am sorry but i sugegsted tarakihi as it can make the class ends with a high. and it did! the highlight was....weeee topless guys! hahaha...
so, am looking forward for this 2 rascal to come again....