Thursday, November 29, 2007


Drinks we ordered
Chicken Piadina
True Fitness Pavilion
Long que as always!

OMG!!!!!! what a BZ day!!!!! was at pavilion in the afternoon today with Jack and Alex c. after finish some office work, we went to cari makan.

Our first stop is Esprcssamante ILLY. Check out the pics.
jack had Greco ALl Italia and Chicken Piadina

Alex c had Neve Fondente and CHicken Piadina

i had Affogato Gls and Tiramisue:0)
we then went to check out Nike an GSC which is just 1 floor above Pavilion True FItness.

later, we head over to check out this Kenko Fish Spa! where you dip yuor feet inside an aquarium and these little fish nibbles away your dead skin. do check it out.

back to office now...still working!!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

RPM 37 with Meg!

GFMS with Les Mills

Claire & Zelka from LMAP, Grace and us:)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Alex on Maskulin Mag


woo hoo! although i did not participate in RPM Training...sebab i already pass...but i have stayed with the trainee for the pass 2 i completely know how tired(been there myself), but yet commited they are:).....really awesome, bravo work....really happy for them. and yes......all RPM babies....your journey just got keep up the good work. and remember, try to get certified within 3 months!

RPM Trainer Meg CHalker.....yeah...she rocks! after the training we all had dinner at Vietnamnese Restaurant.... all chip in to buy her a meal.....and beer:P

also thanks to alexander lee - our RPM head teacher that gives support to the babies all these while, and i am sure these babies are gonna turn out to be superb instructors under alex's guidance.

Me in Berita Mingguan

overall view as below:

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Les Mills GFMS

when to group fitness manager seminar by les Mills today. thanks to claire and zelca from Les Mills. great Speakers and full of positive energy.

and not forgetting.......all the best, and all the best again to grace...go for it gurl!Will miss you definately!......have not had a chance to sit down and eat with grace since ages ago...remebering the good old days where me, grace and brian...makan and joke in da pantry.

both of them.....real good frens and mentor of luckily, the seminar includes a buffet lunch @ mandrin oriental.

So, atleast got to eat with grace before she leaves.

over a couples of years,things have change, it should change...and...memories cherish:)

Gx Gives Back

Thank you all members and instructors that donate goods, time and helping us spread the news around to make our GX Gives back a success.

Some of our instructors and members that are free that day did went with us.

it was a great day for us and the children.

SHelter Home:
70% of the children were gang rape, sexually abuse, neglated, and parents with coourt oders not to get close to them.all of them has a story to tell. but they were all great/independent kids. so there are alot that we can do. not just in term of money, but also time. as these kids are not allow to leave the shelter, and cannot watch TV on the weekdays, they would be glad to have us over to play with them or educate them. Shelter home also supports 300 refugees and 600 prison children. So, old goods are most welcome.

we also have alfee showing the kids what is bodypump, and demo a up right row with 2 tong of minyak:p

not forgetting.....adrian...showing bodycombat to the kids....and abusing...ops...i mean.....teaching them....:P

thanks to azmy, kim, kress, alfee and his sons, adrian,jack, nora.

Agathians SHelter:

the home that alex c went to, well, it has lots of childres and they could use alot more donation and funding. condition is much worst then shelter home.

thanks to Alex C, Daniel, mei Ling and family, annie to take picture in the studio but can see her face:P, john...and also nic, our member cum celebrity chef, that makes...yum yum cup cakes!

Rumah Hope:

well, they got lots of donations. and...i think it is a rich home. cos...they go so many flat screen pc and air condition library:)

thanks to simone, ethan , purdey, cynthia and hartamas members that also brought 80 ice creams!

below are some pic!