Friday, February 29, 2008

After RPM workshop @ The Curve.....its Friday at Fridays

There are 13 of us......seating at a table that can only fit 6 size "s" :P

Eat Eat and eat...

Trying to con lil gurl.....
some of the food we ordered at Fridays.....

New to GX?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Team GX & Phiten!

Titanium tape. Must have during injury!
E-water Lotion ( with gold inside) speed recovery. great for relieving arthritis,nerve and rheumatism pain.
Some of the products that phiten gave us.....
Team BAM getting their "stuff" ...guy in far right is Lee Wan Wah..he's tall.
Thats Koo Kien Kiet (world number 3 badminton player) talking about his experience with phiten 4 years back in Japan.

Proud to say that Phiten will be working closely with True Fitness Team GX. Their product is definately good. The necklace can be used daily to maintain body and mind balance. and if you have any injury, do try their tapes and lotion! yes its quite costly, but it really works. myself and the team have tried it.

today myself and jack has been invited to Bkt Jalil, dewan komanwel to attend Phiten product awareness together with some coaches and physicians in bkt jalil sports school and the Malaysia Badminton team (BAM). Phiten team from Japan came down to do the product explanation and demostration.
Kinda cool to see team BAM seating beside us. Slight chit chat as well.because phiten is endorsing team BAM also.

aside that, Phiten also endorse Japan BAseball team, Paula Radcliffe(marathon world record holder) name a few.
we also learn about some product which is not sold in malaysia. such as hyperbalic(02) athletes chamber for speedy recovery that David Beckham is using.
its up lifting to see all the other athletes training in other field, the feels really great to be surrounded by sportsman:)
it reminds alex c on his training days. during his days, there wasn't bkt jalil sports complex untill the very last year. so he spend 1 year training in bkt jalil...getting ready for olympics. but ofcourse it din happen in the end as he meet an accident in australia that force him to pull out frm national team. till days, he stills weeps when he heard olympics anthem. its so close, but yet so far:)
for more information on phiten, please view or for USA website type or for my pass experience with phiten,please view my blog on feb 2nd on "vive, adrian and phiten".
Below is publication on Star NewsPaper on the seminar.

Friday February 29, 2008
Seminar helps shuttlers deal with injuries and pains

KUALA LUMPUR: National badminton players can now focus on their training without having to worry too much about injuries and pains.
Yesterday, the National Sports Institute (NSI) and Phiten jointly hosted a seminar on pain management, sports performances and injury prevention, which was attended by some of the elite players from the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) at the Dewan Komanwel in Bukit Jalil.
The players learnt more about Phiten’s sports and health products, which are said to help improve circulation and reduce muscle tensions.
Said BAM general manager Kenny Goh: “Phiten have been one of our sponsors this year.
“Our players are using their products to help in injury prevention and pain management. They are another of BAM’s support services for the players.”
Phiten are one of BAM’s main sponsors for equipment like pro straps, ankle guards, knee, elbow and calf supports and pro bandages.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


so yeah! BODYVIVE class is to kick start in True Fitness starting march!well, so i had to pump 40 vive balls , and half way tru it, the pump rosak! the spring jump out! so......i had to blow another 20 balls by myself!!!!!ahhhh!!!!! and i got 30 mins to do that.....thank god half way collegue got me another pump and alfee came in to help!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dinner at Home

Alex mom's cooking......
Scallop with veg. ever since my mom brought back scallop for cooking, i felt in love with it. more then abalone or shark fin.
winter melon soup
secret recipe green tea cheese cake. first time trying.
Alex craving for secret recipe chocolate banana cake. he's been bugging me since last week.
this one not related to food:) certainly not eating it! its a gift alex got.

Bird Nest for sales - anyone?

ALex's parents own bird nest house in segamat. and they are selling the bird nest for RM 1 per gram. ALL Cleaned , washed, and ready to cook.

Lunch @ Daorae, Taipan ,USJ.

 we only ordered beef, pork and chicken. the rest are all complimentry! Bill came out about RM170++. i dont crave for meat these days. crew are friendly and meat are marinated well. korean noodle below is one of the best. from rm55 to rm80!

Daorae set lunch is really worhthid and nice too! monday-friday 12-2pm. they have 8 choices for you to choose from. go for the beef one! cost you RM14 Nett.

they have few other branches around hartamas, damansara area. not sure if they have the set lunch as well. anyone has any idea?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sea Park Demo

Section 21 sea park residents association has approach us to do a demo inconjunction of their resident CNY celebration. and its a big one! the event runs from 9-11pm! lots of residents came....hundreds......well, its been awhile since i participate in this type of gathering:)

This is the stage we are performing.
thats us! hehe...ppl play chinese new year song, we play Les Mills songs, the other performers wear red color, we? black:P
these kids doing demo as well:)
God of fortune distributing goodies
The residents of seksyen 21 sea park , pj
Goodies we got....all these goodies where distributed tot he residents
they even gave us certificates!

Myself,alex, jack, jason, sharon, tina, derek and max.

Kong Si Chicken Rice shop. beside giant paramount. its my 2nd time eating here. mom brought me here years back. and till date i can remember how tender the chicken feels. thank god i can find the place easily as i was not sure where exactly its located......tension......whole group follow me, talut nanti jason marah.

i din eat both the pork though. eating healthy, i stick to tofu, tauge, and few pieces of chicken.

can you guess how much we pay? all the food above, plus 2 coke, 1 pot of tea, 10 bowl of rice, all for only RM92! so its RM11.50 per right?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Chap Goh Mei night

day started as usual. in da morning i went to grab the result for my H.Pylori result test. ( view previous blog). i also got to know from SY that adrian is recovering in hospital and should be discharge by tmw. the doctor repaired the inner wound, to stitch it stronger and glued it! so i am glad adrian is fine.

alex also brought a RM45 soon hock fish, so we decided to bring it to F4 fish head restaurant to cook. i then saw annie and john in the gym, so i invited them to tag along.

F4 restaurant food is great! and the price is just cheapppppppppppp!
Price of food ( excluding soon hock fish, inclusive of 2 coke, 1 pot of tea, 6 rice, 1 coconut) all for only RM70!
F4 Fish Head
Business Hour:11am-2.30am/5,30pm-9pm
lOT776, Sub Lot 3, Jalan Subang 4,
SUbang Jaya Industries Park.

CHap Goh Mei Marathon Video

before, during and after the event:) cant help laughin the way barney walks.
and like alex l says, could not have done it with everyones help and members support!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Full of happiness and prosperity!