Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Johnny Rockets - The Curve

Burgers are nice. I try not to eat with the burger buns to cut the carbs but does not taste good without the buns.

Rm17.90 chocolate peanut butter milk shake is fantastic. so are the caslories.

The Good Batch - Damansara Uptown

located same row as wonder milk and fat spoon, with friendly crew and unique decoration, serves alcohol too.

Coffee was good

many bloggers review this to be one of the signature and very good. it was nice presentation for me but taste wise was not fantastic. Their menu for me is somewhat similar to The Red Bean Bag.

Char SIew Yoong - Cheras

this very famous shop serves charsiew and siew yoke that really melts in your mouth. must try!

Meng Kee Glenmarie

famous Meng Kee HOney Glaze pork ,  I can never have enough. Super good and must have ! their pork sausage very tasty. steam and roast chicken too. open 7am-11am for wan ton noodle and 11am -5pm for chicken rice.

Rekindle - Ss2

located at the centre of Ss2 Is Rekindle. Sorry I miss placed the coffee pictures but it is a nice and friendly café to visit.

Eight Ounce Coffee - The Gardens

replacing Espresso lab at The Gardens is Eight Ounce Coffee. same staffs , coffee tasted great as usual.

WA Cafe Pavilion

absolute favourite for this newly open café operate by several female barista and a Japanese male barista at LEvel 6 pavilion.
Coffee was fanstastic and a must have. try their piccolo latte, ice latte and almond roasted chocolate.

The BUrger Factory - SS15

shifted and now newly operating. not tried yet has the waiting period was long.

Tous Les Jours - WOLO hotel KL

nicely set up at the city center. spacious. I personaly like their soft bread and cranberry bun with cheese inside

KYO CHON 1991 - one utama

korea fried chicken chain endorse by super junior. its not a fast food as they only cook upon order. honey drumstick is so juicy and yummy. below chicken dakgalbi with kim chi rice. kim chi rice is hot and spicy.

Standing Theory SS2

at the qiet neighbourhood of ss2. close to the fire station. coffee and hazel nut cake was good. only thing is due to carpetless floor and the wall, and many metal element in the café,  echo is pretty loud.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ministry of Coffee - solaris

spacious café brought to you by two penang gentleman. Organic coffee is served.

L'usine- Ho Chi Minh District 1

Coffee is excellent. cupcakes are too dry for me .

Friday, September 20, 2013

Flat White Ss15

just opposite ss15 asia café, same row as starbucks, coffee is lovely and priced lowered than their competitors. love the signature coffee nutella cappuccino.  coxy environtment that I would visit again and again.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Podgy & The Banker Sri hartamas

its another café good to hang out. open Wednesday to Monday till late, I enjoy their coffee and the place comes with wifi, plenty of star news paper and my favourite magazine cleo:)

Dip n Dip Bangsar

from Kuwait, this triple chocolate crepe at RM17 was delicious.

waffle and fruits dip is a little pricy for me at RM37

surprisingly they serve very good cappuccino.

Bangoya Jayaone

Bangoya meaning grilling under the stars is a new creation of  Kissaten. open 6pm to 12pm. Enter from Kissaten. price range about Rm4-RM20 for food. Beer and alcohol is available.