Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From clay pot rice to roti tissue

I have eaten numerous time in USJ 14 but have never eaten this clay pot rice before. part of the reason was the shop looks kinda dirty. My first time in this shop is actually right after they renovate the shop:) the claypot chicken rice is ichiban! at only RM5.50 per person. open from 4pm. they accept calls(0123552637) for booking as the claypot rice run out pretty fast. must have list is the clay pot rice.

oh and this, i think its ok to have sinful roti tissue once or twice a year yes? this was my first roti tissue this year, had to drag lorraine along to share the sin:) it was huge right! RM5 at taipan "KAYU". oh and their nasi briyani is yum yum yum yum yum!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wellcome Restaurant -Sunway Mentari

An instructor and taipan gm members makan-makan trip at Sunway Mentari's Wellcome Restaurant. ( just beside YUen buffet across the road)

the restaurant was doing some promotion. Hence we op for a 10 pax suckling piglet promotion which cost RM398. this includes 6 main dishes and 2 desert.

John Pig Head.....i mean chewing the pig head:)

and we ordered salted egg crab which cost RM19.90 per Kg.(usual price RM38) you get about two and a half crab per kg.

in the end, we each pay about RM43 all in.

besides the above, the restaurant is also promoting BUddha jumps over the wall for only RM29.90 per person.(actual price RM59.90) and Shark fin soup RM9.90 per person.(Actual Prize RM15.90) better call to book a table. The place is quite pack.

It was a nice gathering. And our main topic was also about food. we talk about ss19 Ah Lai Restaurant, Taipan's INdia New HErritage, CHeras Fish HEad Noodle, aiyo, many more la!

These members join classes just so they feel less guilty when eating these sinful food:)

No.15, JAlan PJS 8/5

Sunway MEntari Plaza

46150 pj


Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Q1 09 TF Launch Pictures

Event date: 18/19 March 09........with the team
Theme : BODYART. Members were given tattoos.

i so like this one with me in it:)

for more pictures please go to http://www.truegx.multiply.com/

Thursday, March 19, 2009

of Launch and Food

And so it was New Release launch again. this round in Pavilion True fitness. Don't have many pictures to share with you guys. waiting for jack jack to upload it. This round the theme was bodyart with the creative deco below done by jack jack.

so before launch we head to food court for dinner. INtroducing this very colorful Nasi Kerabu. Taste good as well. ONlt cost RM13++. you can get it and food court store - Kampung Delight.

Tadaa, adrian is back, this round bz preparing for his wedding. yaya, we all kena 'BOOM" just now:P. So dinner with these peeps at Madam Kwans. yes, Nasi Bojari ofcourse.and madam kwans cendol:)
ok hope my next post i get to share more launch photo with you guys. else just check facebook will do.

Going to bed soon, er.....watching American Idol Repeat Result show:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coffee Ritual Section 14 PJ

tonight's dinner alex suggest that we try this new cafe open opposite jaya33. Coffee Ritual. the set up inside is simple and cozy. service was good. well, it could be because we are the only customer there during dinner time. once walk in you will see different kinds of grinder/coffee vacuum pot being display and some for sales.alex is eyeing this unit as his birthday present.alex ordered columbian coffee. they made it with this vacuum pot.

as for their dinner, pricing is fair. about RM10-15 per meal. My vegetarian pasta cost RM11.80 . and if you add another RM2.40, you get to choose your drinks ranging from honey and lime, coffee or tea. if you top up another RM6 for a soup of the day, you get a free scoop of Berkeley ice cream. well i like my oglio pasta. although Italian e kitchen in jaya33 is still my favourite place for pasta, coffee ritual's oglio is simply good. not oily . and yes, is a place for the coffee lovers. so give it a try!

53,Jalan 14/20,



Monday -Saturday from 10am to 11pm

Sunday and public holiday from 9am to 10pm

Pork and alcohol free.

(Opposite Jaya33, behind the pet shop)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sumo Japanese Restaurant - USJ9

today's lunch was at Sumo Japanese Restaurant at USJ 9. at first glance of the menu, its pricing are moderate high. more expensive than sushi king/sakae. however the food was quite fresh so its worth the price after all. alex says its soft shell crab temaki is quite good. despite charging RM5.50 per roll.

Saba Fish set which cost RM18.00++. normally other japanese restaurant would serve set with miso soup and chawamushi. but this one only comes with miso soup. but the fish was fresh.i ordered a RM12 veg soba noddle. not too bad.
first time i ate this tofu filled with carrot and other veg.

oh and this, haha, alex cook these. Fresh water lobster spaghetti.:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coffee Confidential

HK TVB recently has a documentary about Coffee. hosted by Moses Chan, where he travels to Italy,Kenya,Indonesia, Taiwan, Denmark and other places for coffee tasting. absolutely a must watch for the coffee lovers. Its call Coffee Confidential.( http://www.megavideo.com/) One of the place moses recommended was Illy coffee in Italy, we have Illy coffee here too. So today myself and alex paid our 2nd visit to Pavilion's Illy. First time at Illy was actually last year when PAvilion TF opens. Alex ordered CAppucino Freddo Greco ( Iced cappuccino) and i ordered Greco All'Italiana (Funky version of an iced latte). what so special about illy' coffee ( according to moses) was the way they package their coffee. all container goes thru process to ensure coffee are well pack and keep fresh. well if you are craving for baileys and coffee with whisky, illy served them aswell. about Rm25 a cup. And..... i hope one day the tv channel will make a documentary about my uncle's coffee plantation and cafe - DAGAN:) as uncle plant his own coffee tree, process and pack them.

oh and this, cant help putting this picture up. my cat - mei mei see how she pose! tak boleh tahan:P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Makan-Makan after BV/Canton - i Sunway

makan at lorong 100 tahun after BV tuition.asam laksa there was ok. normal i say.john tan ordered prawn mee. din get to taste it. others ordered char kuey teow and chee cheong fun which i have blog about it
and today's lunch is at SUNway Pyramid Canton- i. decided to go there as the day before alex watch a tv program about wan ton mee. so, naklah sangat dia nak makan juga at canton -i. din snap the wan ton mee pic as i have blogged about it before. something new to share below, hot polo bun with cold butter and char siew pao.