Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From clay pot rice to roti tissue

I have eaten numerous time in USJ 14 but have never eaten this clay pot rice before. part of the reason was the shop looks kinda dirty. My first time in this shop is actually right after they renovate the shop:) the claypot chicken rice is ichiban! at only RM5.50 per person. open from 4pm. they accept calls(0123552637) for booking as the claypot rice run out pretty fast. must have list is the clay pot rice.

oh and this, i think its ok to have sinful roti tissue once or twice a year yes? this was my first roti tissue this year, had to drag lorraine along to share the sin:) it was huge right! RM5 at taipan "KAYU". oh and their nasi briyani is yum yum yum yum yum!


xPeace05 said...

waaaaaaaaa, the roti tisu really manyak panjang panjang worrrrrr

Su-Yee said...

yes, manyak panjang.high or not?:P