Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sumo Japanese Restaurant - USJ9

today's lunch was at Sumo Japanese Restaurant at USJ 9. at first glance of the menu, its pricing are moderate high. more expensive than sushi king/sakae. however the food was quite fresh so its worth the price after all. alex says its soft shell crab temaki is quite good. despite charging RM5.50 per roll.

Saba Fish set which cost RM18.00++. normally other japanese restaurant would serve set with miso soup and chawamushi. but this one only comes with miso soup. but the fish was fresh.i ordered a RM12 veg soba noddle. not too bad.
first time i ate this tofu filled with carrot and other veg.

oh and this, haha, alex cook these. Fresh water lobster spaghetti.:)

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