Sunday, August 31, 2008

Restoran Tian Tian Seafood

after visiting my aunt at Sunway Medical today, ( i am glad aunt is doing well and looking strong!) dinner is at restoran tian tian lai.......its only 2 minute drive from sunway pyramid. must have is their firery pork. tofu soup
asam fish

rice - free flow
so we ordered 4 dishes. there was 1 dish called (for yim kuat) its actually ribs wrap in aluminium foil. once of their signature dish. i took a picture of it, but don't know why it is not shown in my hand phone when i try to retrieve it.

anyway, it cost us RM40. not $$$ consider we had a fish.

Restoran Tian Tian Lai Seafood

Selera Sunway, Jalan PJS 9/5

ah meng-019-3788454

Hor mah-016 9988883

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Q3 Les Mills workshop

just some snap shots.
well, this is us before the even.......angel, devil, whatever you want to call it. during......
and after......tired!
er...below was what lorraine had for dinner at d'italiane kitchen.
i guess the rest of the pics will have to wait for alexander,sharon and leonard on facebook,

and azmy......

Friday, August 29, 2008

Master Class at Jaya33

Thank you all for coming!

more pictures can be view at

(give me some time to load it up ya)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting with Les Mills Ceo Mr. Ian Ormiston and LMAP Education Manager/RPM Master Trainer Meg CHalker.

it was great! its my first time meeting Ian. 2nd time with Meg and she is still so bubbly and cute:) after alex show them around the club, we then sat down at coffee bean for meeting.we laugh and we also touch base on Les Mills issues. they arrived about 3pm at the club. and will head to true fitness Thailand and Singapore by weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

RPM Merdeka Ride,Dome and Malaysia Food Ministry

Was at Pavilion tonight for the ride. thanks to Jack jack, Mama Olivia and Kelvin that makes it happen.

DInner is at Dome(right beside TF Pavilion). they are doing a Nasi Lemak Special. RM13.95 but you can only choose chicken rendang. Beed rendang is still at normal price RM19.90.

I ordered Chicken Pie.

Saw this newly open desert outlet...same row as J Co. Just opposite Mercato super mart. its call Ministry of Food.

Macha Zen-Hokkaido red bean paste with green tea japanese low fat gelato ice-cream and japanese dumpling., its good! RM11 MAcho Imo- Soft serve with greentea sauce,red bean paste and japanese sweet potato.

Little tips tp eating Japanese Sweet Potato:

The Imoseries is a marriage between hot & cold desserts. While sweet potato is hot, the hokkaido milk base soft-serve ice cream is icy cold. The best way to eat the Japanese sweet potato is to spoon a bit of everything and then eat them together. MOF uses grade A Jap sweet potatoes imported from Japan. It is so sweet they did not add sugar to it.

Personally the Potato and red bean is really good.

Abekawa-oven baked japanese mochi with japanese soya bean powder and hokkaido red bean paste.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice

Tonite's dinner at Jalan Gasing. Just in front of my secondary school. i used to eat here every weekend after my volleyball practice. i still remember, if we go in school uniform and ask for a plate of chicken rice, it will cost around rm3.50(10 years back). the chicken and rice in one plate. but if you go in casual wear, they will serve the chicken and rice in 2 separate plate and it will cost around rm4.80. this restaurant is also a family business for my sec school class mate. i remember we used to nick name him "Kai lou". aka Mr. Chicken.

from a single story shop lots, they are now double story and fully air conditioned.




Main Branch

No.107,Jalan GAsing 10/1,

46000,Pj Selangor.

03-7956 0958

Seri Petaling Branch

No.1, Jalan 13/149L,

Bandar baru seri petaling,

57000, KL

03-9057 6128

Operating Hours:

9.30am - 11.30pm

enjoy this:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Station 1 Taipan USJ

Me and Les Mills Bodycombat Trainer/Presenter Ben Tang.
after bodycombat training, me made our way across the gym to STation 1 cafe.

we ordered: Spaghetti......very small portion

chicken chop

sambal fried rice
recommended by annie, hot honey milk. i think mom used to make it for me when i was young.

and bravo! to all new bodycombat babies!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well Cook Gourmet

after reading we are at:
(must have list is their fried laksa)

trying their famous fried laksa. its my first time eating fried laksa. not bad. taste like dry asam laksa.RM5.50alex go for salted fish fried ricew with kangkung
and popiah
Restaurant Well Cook Gourmet
74, Jalan SS 14/2
Subang Jaya
open from 12pm - 9pm

oh, below was some picture i took while alex was measuring annie's bodyfat %
but some how looks like alex is arm-locking her.what crime did annie commit?

so painful meh?
annie with Tanita body composition analyzer

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

D'italiane Kitchen Again!

Gosh, i am so addicted to their Aglio oglio with mushroom with angel hair. its a very simple dish. i think its some kinda herbs they put in that makes me keeps coming back! i have no really try their other foods cos every time i come here, i will order aglio oglio and wild mushroom soup. and their pizza, really good! go for their signature one. i forgot what it is call. but its with cheese and seafood. and the cakes, really......go for Zabaglione. service was good too!

so for instructors from everywhere that is coming for RPM workshop, do try out the food at the restaurant at Jaya33!

we ordered chocolate Banana cake for dessert. and the boss(tf member) gave us the blue berry cheese cake for free:) hehe

and the bottom sicillian chicken champ! ( this sicillian chicken is a must have. along with zabaglione)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Me on STAR Newspaper today

there should be one more on NanYang Siang Pau. If anyone sees it please let me know ya. ThankS!

can view this article at:

The star online aswell.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pizza Uno Taipan

Had an early dinner today. Pizza Uno recently relocate. from beside burger king taipan, now as relocate to same row as KFC. much bigger with 2 storeys.

had my usual aglio Olio
and greek pizza
the below gifts is from our rpmer azmy. all the way from aussie. the art work of the Aborigines.
thanks mate!