Friday, December 30, 2011

Ali Cafe - Tiga Rasa USJ Taipan

was there the very first day they are on operation. they have 2 different menu. Breakfast and all day. Breakfast starts from 8am to 12pm . its pretty worthid. You get coffee or tea, 2 eggs, toast with kaya and butter and a plate of noodle/ porridge or american breakfast for Rm7.90-Rm8.90. as for Lunch and all day, its about RM10 per main course and less than rm10 for sides. There is also ala cart more expensive dishes such as whole fish, poultry...etc for family dinner. Serivce is friendly but slow.bread and butter was okamerican breakfast is typical. not much to commentmee hon siam is nice. i like the portion is small . so I dont over load in simple carbstom yam mee hon has a nice presentation. taste was not badi did enjoy the beed noodle. beef was good. and especially like the sour chilli sauce that comes with itotak-otak is nice. atleast it does not taste dry or fake.chicken rendang , i like the spices but not the texture of the chicken. its hard.cendol is not bad either.curry puff was ok. can tell it came out from freezer has the egg texture can tell . i do enjoy K3K giant curry puff more.teh tarik was not bad.good. i like their normal white coffee more than kopi kacibut if kacip fatimah. but if you prefer bitter coffee then kacip fatima is for you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Meet Fresh - One Utama

the mochi is nice. a taiwan desert shop, compatible with snowflakes, plus alot of love from an old couple that made this shop possible.

Soup Restaurant - One Utama

another singapore restaurant has made its debut in one utama. i realy enjoy the bamboo setup of this place. introducing their famous specialty SAm Sui Ginger Chicken. It is simple and tender. Ginger is very good comes the soup of the day, sharkfin with old cucumber. thumbs up.

this below is a must have for me- their homemade tofu. silkly , soft,melts in your mouth. delicious

handchop pork with salted fish is ok for me
ah por fan shu leaves is very good tooah gong ginger fried rice is fragrant and nice:)

olive oil rice is oh delicious! must have! huge amount for only rm10!

fish tasted bland but in a good way
fully meat. its really nice
fried fish belly is a mush have. just nice.

Din Tai Fung

prawn dumpling
honey bean curd was way too sweet for my liking
drunken chicken
red bean paste with glutinious rice ball
this is my 2nd visit to Din tai Fung. First one was few years back when Mid Valley Branch just opened. the reason i stop visiting after that as the food fail to wow me. it took me few years to actally gave them a 2nd try. and this time, it was much better. i absolutely love the century egg(must have) imported from Taiwan. It is delicious! and the price is very reasonable. next is special homemade mix veg. very good. really opens up the appetite. the below fried shrimp and mango was just ok for mebelow is XIao Long Bao with Truffle. RM7 per piece. yes is slight expensive, i only had one. but the truffle taste is awesome.pork and prawn dumpling is not badclassic xiao long bao. I enjoy the very thin skin textureshrimp and pork siew mai was just ok. skin is slightly thickerfried rice is simple and fresh
cha jiang noodle - the pork is too salty for me. however i really enjoy the texture of the Ra men. it is better than Dragon -i's ramen
sweet and sour la men was good. I also enjoy Dragon -I 's versiongarlic oil ramen is good too. like indomeebeef ramen, i did not eat this but i tried the soup. was good.lastly is desert- xiao long bao with red bean. oh so good:)

Reminisce- Mid Valley

brings back good memories:) look i found a nat geo mag that is older than me! childhood toys anyone?i still have those in my cupboard!
now for the food review. biscut dip in coffee, tea, horlick, van houten, milo...its not so much of the taste, but the feeling and memories.
this nian gao is a must have. absolutely perfectanother must have is the below dry curry chicken mee. what makes this dish nice is the mee. its like indo mee in dry curry.this curry laksa below taste just like what i use to have in ny neighbourhood morning market