Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Red Beanbag Solaris Dutamas

I will be back! and spreading this lovely place to more friends:) Set up of the place is cozy , free and easy. Crew is friendly. And food .....BIg YUms. I read from other blog that this is an AUssie inspired cafe which serve award winning Chantico coffee and chef that was train in aussie. In my Must Have list - would be their Mocha , Egg Benedict and Classic Almond Toast.we started with Onion Soup as starter. i also ordered classic french toast with almond, this is the best french toast i ever had. lovely presentation, toast is moist and almond is crispy. Yums! absolutely a must have.on the 2nd visit, we ordered not 1 but 2 classic french toast:P this time it was also serve with Banana. I really like this combo.the 2nd french toast we ordered came with Mango. nice as well but i Still prefer the banana version.another winner is Egg Benedict with - poached egg with hollandaise, asparagus, mushroom and streaky bacon. what a dish to kick start the day! Absolutely amazing.next is Bake eggs. interesting filling dish. with sausages inside. below is a beef sandwhich, thumbs up for the fries. Ice Mocha Chocalata yaya was awesome! Very rich choco taste and presentation is lovelyhere is where you get to taste Chantico. when my friend had his first sip of this mocha, he immediately smile. he says it reminds him if australia. We love it. capuccino is nice. I will prefer Hot Mocha:)below desert is call NUtty Professor. its like tiramisu at the top and chocolate below. Kudos to the team and thank you for the amazing experience.
and so add RM2 and go for the aussie way!. chew away both end, dip it inside the coffee and suck the coffee up then eat the entire Tim Tams:)
egg benedict with salmon at rm17.90 9 is superb. serving is generous

various coffe art on Mocha


Wendy said...

Just the coffee that the barista would need to improve and look into it especially the temperature and the foam texture.

Another australian coffee supply by coffeex??

Food a bit over rated from the blogsite review but a nice place to chill out.

SneakyLily said...

I'm really looking foward to trying this place after seeing all the delicious reviews. Looks like it's gunna be hard to choose from all those tempting foods!thanks forthe review.

Su-Yee said...

hi lily, may i suggest u try their almond classic toast and egg benedict..and hot mocha:)

James said...

Came with my friends to here too. is pricey and expecting some good australian food but they served some fusion western food which turn all my friends off. is very empty and quiet there. Food price is expensive and nothing fancy and taste normal only.

For coffee, better stick to illy or food court kopitiam. maybe barista skill problem or the beans type.