Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kampar Famous Curry Chicken in Bun & Unique Seafood (on chap goh meh)

Had a chance to try out famous curry chicken in bun all the way from Kampar! The bun is super tender and sweet, very very very nice!Thanks to cindy!

Apart from that, we had our lunch at Unique Seafood. Its a yearly encounter for us. A must to order for us are their salted egg crab and fried seafood mee hoon.

Patin fish

Below are food that we DID NOT order:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loong Foong Deafood Restaurant-Paramount Garden

the initial plan was to have dinner at Unique seafood. Its like our must go place once a year, for their salted egg crab. but unfortunately the place was fully booked and the jam there is horrible! Hence we decided to make a U turn and head to Loong Foong restaurant. I think this restaurant has been around since i was a little kid! This is my first visit after more than 10 years. So i dont have much memory on how the food taste here before. we ordered some roasted duck meat. it was good! crispy!and this, introducing seafood in pumpkin, its one of their specialty. guess how much is the below? ONLY RM55! absolutely good!then came the fish. Not too bad:) Overall we had a nice and worthid meal:)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Umami Steamboat & Restaurant Dine Out

Alex wanted steamboat for dinner today and mentari has lots of variety. At first we thought of going back to our usual SB place - Tasty Pot but celest suggest that we gave Umami a try. The must have on my list is actually restaurant dine out's mongolian chicken.environment was clean and spacey, quite comfy i would say, design wise is more modern compare to the usual steam boat shop which serve in a round table. i would say the variety of food provided is similar or just slightly lesser than tasty pot or Yuen. Though its been a while i have been to Yuen as i find it too cramp and you go to fight for the chicken wings! there were no chicken wings today at Umami but their sweet ans sour chicken is yummy! NZ lamb and Australia Beef was quite ok of the highlight is you get to make your own " sa za"sauce, with the below indication...wala, the result.....

And, this was yesterday dinner at Restaurant Dine Out. I am not posting the food picture here as i have done it before. View HERE. their Mongolian chicken is a must must must try! bad news for me is they are moving soon, from Subang to Glenmarie and now to JOHOR!.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hoi Kee Restaurant

A must have every year for us:) located at Jalan tun sambathan Brickfields. Food is simple awesome! however, they have move when little india was build up in brickfields:( can someone tell me where have they relocate. must have is Lemon Chicken, o chien, veg and steam fish. lemon chicken is a must have!

FIsh with oyster sauce. Not too bad

Vegetable is super crispy and fresh. Cooked with perfection

Fried Oyster is superb. size of the oyster is big

with boss and his wife

5&6 Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfields,

50470 KL


Thursday, February 11, 2010

GX Sou Gong DInner:)

My first Lou Sang for year 2010 ! Happy Chinese NEw YEar everybody! may the year of tiger brings happiness, health and wealth to all of you!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kindori Japanese Ice Cream

100% frozen fresh fruit yogurt. i tried the golden kiwi and the cherry, not too bad. its refreshing.

oh , this guy, see the crowd he gets? good idea but i hope the shop gets sales form this aswell.