Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Loong Foong Deafood Restaurant-Paramount Garden

the initial plan was to have dinner at Unique seafood. Its like our must go place once a year, for their salted egg crab. but unfortunately the place was fully booked and the jam there is horrible! Hence we decided to make a U turn and head to Loong Foong restaurant. I think this restaurant has been around since i was a little kid! This is my first visit after more than 10 years. So i dont have much memory on how the food taste here before. we ordered some roasted duck meat. it was good! crispy!and this, introducing seafood in pumpkin, its one of their specialty. guess how much is the below? ONLY RM55! absolutely good!then came the fish. Not too bad:) Overall we had a nice and worthid meal:)

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