Sunday, November 30, 2008

Woods Macrobiotic.Twilight.Dragon I

i first heard about this place from newspaper. it belongs to Aunty June. One of mom's best friend. not long ago, david also mention to me that he went to this place. so here i am! i guess mom would be so happy that i finally meet up with aunty june as they have lost contacts for awhile. and i think vera is gonna like it too:)

alex ordered sundays special - which has organic roasted peanut,organic 5 energy soup,organic enzymatic papaya salad,organic fried brown rice with nori seaweed,tofu and vegetable,organic flora fruit enzyme drink.i ordered fried udon. i really like it. fresh and not salty, but tasty. just first aunty june did not recognise me, untill i introduce myself, i think she has not seen me for more then 10 years, but she knew me since i was a baby! so aunty june bought us lunch! hehe, and gave me a membership card which cost RM50. she also treat us desert as below:

alex was sick so she made him Umei Boshi Vinegar, which can alkali the body. and this amazing apple cake, without sugar, egg, preservative but still taste so nice! a must try!

and for the coffee lovers, this is coffee made of brown rice! so it taste like coffee, but no caffeine!and so i tapau a dragon gruit cake and praline with sesame, some organic package soup, noodles and instant oat.can you see the rattan that alex is holding? its rm15 per piece and you can use it for full body massage and exercise. i even got the vcd......will check it out later.

Woods Macrobiotic Restaurant

25,Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru,

59100 KL ( just beside devi's corner)


Operation Hours: 11am - 9.30pm(last order at 9pm)

(Hiring Manager and waiter for Kl branch oppostire federal hotel)

next, movie at pyramid with seng chuan. i have no idea whats the name of the lead actor and actress, but the actor sure is handsome! and i think i am too old for this movie.because we were surrounded by young girls about age about 16,17 and they were cheering when the lead actor appear. they even clap when both of them kiss. and i thought this movie was gonna be something like "Underworld".Dinner at Dragon I. i do hope canton I can open soon, so i dont have to go all the way to ONe Utama.

Beef Ramen

my fav sweet and sour ramen
fried rice with pork chop and they have the same golden sand bun as duck king! from the same distributor i guess.
last but not least, enjoy this beautiful piece.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar - Taipan USJ

Had dinner awhile ago at Las Carrestas, one of alex best friend, Seng Chuan wanted to try their Taco.

Seng Chuan in da picture.

Tako, 2 pieces of fried corn tortilla filled with minced beef or chicken, relish,shredded lectuce, enchilada sauce and topped with cheese,guacamole,and sour cream.
Fajitas Chicken
Fillet de pescado with baked potato,salsa,mexican rice and beans.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bikram Yoga Opens in Mumbai True Fitness

Saw on the net today about the attacks in mumbai. just 10 minutes away from TF. Glad to hear that bosses and collegues are ok!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

HEALTH: Create the Energy, Vitality and Health You Deserve!

Thats why we should become vegan and drink wheat grass.

a longer version: must watch!the rest you can get from youtube. this is only part 3

Saturday, November 15, 2008

myElephant Restaurant - Section 17 PJ.

i first heard of myElephant just few days back while visiting my doctor.she says the food there is cheap and always full house! so i search on the net and found some review about it too. then i got to know apparently my niece su-anne and michelle are good friends with the boss. and my cousin actually made their wedding cake. what a small world. when i first got there, i expect to see a middle age man so call boss,but to my surprise, patrick is a young chap! should be younger than me. to know more about the place, just check it out at myElephant. thanks clarah for the url.

well i actually read some review from other bloggers before deciding what to order.(below)

picture of the entrance below - courtesy of foodpooi. I can't get a good shot just now.

Pandan Cooler - super cooling thirst quencher

Miaeng Kum - DIY daun kadok wrap with coconut crisps,peanuts,dried shrimp, and assorted condiments topped with a sweet-sour tamarind plum sauce. i must say the daun kadok is really good!

Tom Som - Clear Galangal-Lemongrass-Lime Soup with Aromatic Thai Herbs. I love it, too bad cannot have much. too hot and spicy for me!
Khai Jiao Ho Mok- Egg Omelette with Fish Otak-Otak. Not bad!
Plah Nung Manow - Steamed Fish with My Elephant’s Signature Lime-Garlic-Chilli Padi Dressing. Fish is fresh too! not spicy at all, my kind of food:)
Jungle Vegetable of the DayVaries from Day to Day- i choose paku (fern tips) others available are:- markeer yao / eggplant

- tour-pu / four-angled bean

- sai-bua / waterlily shoots (seasonal)
i loveeeeeee this dish! really good! a must have! so crisps and fresh!
food are serve brown rice:)
too bad i did not get to try this : sago pudding with jack fruit and mango. they not serving it today. picture below courtesy of ugwug. gosh, made me so craving for desert now.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Demo @ World Diabetes Day Jaya33

had a demo 10.30am just now at jaya33 onconjunction of World Diabetes Day. We did "Beat it"!with team capoeira woei hern and Phael all the way from Brazil.(not sure about the spelling)he is like a spring board, can do flips like so easy!

oh, and guess who's this? our member cum celebrity chef nicholas is also one of the speaker. teaching the public how to read food labels and how to cook a healthy meal. we also learn about labels like "organic" is not necessary good. and for oyster sauce, our very own malaysia brand - Adabi actualy is most healthy! so here is a reason to support Made in Malaysia:)

More pics on FB

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ajisen Ramen SUnway Pyramid

Today dinner is at Ajisen Ramen.....been there couple of times.their ramen are not bad. worth a try. if you are a chili lover, ask for their volcano joke. its darn spicy!
alex ordered spicy beef ramen
my choice is gyoza ramen alex stop by at mr. siew bao for well siew bao ofcourse, and egg tart. taste ok only.

this is the main reason we head to sunway, to G2000 store. alex needs to get a belt for eng guan wedding tomorrow. i need some clothes for tomorrow morning too......we gonna be eng guan's "heng tai".and just before we head back home, alex got a bottle of jacob creek. now he drinks a glass of wine before bed time. he especially loves this brand as he use to work at barossa valley,south aussie producing jacob creek wine.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Korean BBQ Chicken-Taipan USJ

The first time i saw BBQ chicken was at Taipan, months ago. never really bother to go in as well, we already have KFC here and i am cutting down on poultry. However, curiosity struck me when i saw more and more BBQ chicken branch within 2 months, is like a chain already.i kept wondering if they will make money cos business it not as good for the one at Taipan branch,well atleast thats how i thought.

last week, masak-masak blog also blog about BBQ chicken(some good review) and yesterday, it came out on newspaper. so i finally have a chance to read about what so special about their chicken. Apparently they uses extra virgin oil frmo spain to frying, so is less sinful to me. and they take their business seriously that they even have a Chicken university in korea facilitate to train new franchisees. With more than 1800 outlet in korea alone. since we are at jaya33, we head to the nearest jaya one branch.but you know what? all their chicken are sold out!!!!!! so have to go back to taipan branch. Taipan, a slightly smaller branch, with only i waiter.....his name is simon. and he is cute:) well mannered and good in recommending us set meals. make sure you gals go check him out:)
thank god the salad came fast, cos hungryyyyyy!Korean Charbroiled
Original CHicken

my next visit i want to try this: JErk BBQ

oh simone, you know what? i went to Duck King again the next day:P (actually it was considered yesterday)with these 2 fellas. cos alex was wondering how nice is the golden sand bun. well, we ordered 2 sets in the end! and i tried the mango pudding. but i must say the durian pudding is much better.
hehe....i forgot to take it

oh and yesterday nite, i was watching this movie call Tropic Thunder starring ben stiller and robert downey JR. lousy story line. a film that i foresee ben stiller doing it but Tony STark? oh please.......we want you in Iron Man!

and today, OBAMA is president . i think it does give hope to Malaysia.Maybe one day other races can rule malaysia? Look at our neighbouring country, with the size smaller then whole klang valley, but its wealth is 70 times more than malaysia. and by year 2018, they will have the highest density for millionaires.

and as i was blogging now, i am also watching apprantise celebrity, argh.....its just not the same withou Gene Simmon.....i like that fella. He's the man:)