Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ajisen Ramen SUnway Pyramid

Today dinner is at Ajisen Ramen.....been there couple of times.their ramen are not bad. worth a try. if you are a chili lover, ask for their volcano joke. its darn spicy!
alex ordered spicy beef ramen
my choice is gyoza ramen alex stop by at mr. siew bao for well siew bao ofcourse, and egg tart. taste ok only.

this is the main reason we head to sunway, to G2000 store. alex needs to get a belt for eng guan wedding tomorrow. i need some clothes for tomorrow morning too......we gonna be eng guan's "heng tai".and just before we head back home, alex got a bottle of jacob creek. now he drinks a glass of wine before bed time. he especially loves this brand as he use to work at barossa valley,south aussie producing jacob creek wine.

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