Saturday, November 29, 2008

Las Carretas Restaurant & Bar - Taipan USJ

Had dinner awhile ago at Las Carrestas, one of alex best friend, Seng Chuan wanted to try their Taco.

Seng Chuan in da picture.

Tako, 2 pieces of fried corn tortilla filled with minced beef or chicken, relish,shredded lectuce, enchilada sauce and topped with cheese,guacamole,and sour cream.
Fajitas Chicken
Fillet de pescado with baked potato,salsa,mexican rice and beans.


BYL-And-Ah-Don said...

Hmmmm ... sorry you cannot have "real" mexican food ... we tend to get TexMex food here but I have been to Mexico several times and what you had is a bad imatation ... BUT, if it had a good taste then :) :) :)

Su-Yee said...

actually the food is ok only. nothing to shout about