Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008


after BP tuition @ jaya33 today, i head over to One Utama to meet up with Alex, his brother Ivan and their parents for dinner.........i prefer to go yishensu for vegetable. but alex's daddy loves as i sat down and look at the menu, not much choice for me except to order salad. wanted spaghetti but they don't have oglio.
alex ordered Jack Daniel Steak
this potato with cheese is really good!eat it while its hot!
finally, alex end his meal with Fridays Mud Pie!

combo fajitas

best burger ever. the "Sir" burger

chicken burger

Sunday, June 8, 2008

BUbba Gump The CUrve - Life is like a box of chocolates

Alex was craving for steaks since yesterday. so i suggest we try Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant @ The Curve. i saw an article about BUbba Gump on The Star Paper yesterday, the review was so so only. but, adrian says its good. so, it is best to give a try myself......and......yeah! it was good!

Adrian ask us to look for seats inside as the ambiance is better. so i call to make a booking you walk in, you can see lots of old wood being used for its restaurant design. warm and down to earth. You can also see lots of Forest Gump toys and Gumpisms hanging on the wall.there's also a red and a blue plates on the table. The blue plate reads “Run, Forrest, Run”, When you want service, flip this over to show the red sign, “Stop, Forrest, Stop”. lastly, drinks menu is a ping-pong paddle chained to the table and a bucket filled with sauces.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co restaurant is inspired by the 1994 Tom Hanks film, Forrest Gump. Makes me wants to watch this movie again. such an inspiring movie. and shits happens in live......NEVER GIVE UP!

Alex Gump.....

Alex ordered New York Steak RM55.90

i go for Bourbon Street Baramundi RM29.90 - fish is marinated with Cajun spices and grilled,served with mashed red potatoes and a creamy sauce.

Adrian warn us that their onion rings is i had one since alex's steak comes with 2 onion rings. after trying it.......we ordered a tower of oinio rings! RM14.90. cannot tapau for dinner.

alex was craving for TGIF Mud i suggest we try BUbba Gump's Alabama Mud Pie RM19.90. dont know why the menu put RM21.90. so filling!!!!!!

other to try dish in Bubba Gump:Shrimper’s Heaven (RM44.90, a combo of coconut shrimp, chili shrimp, fried shrimp, tempura shrimp and fries),

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae (RM13.90) is worth a try. The cookie base is freshly baked in a small skillet and served with a topping of vanilla ice cream, caramel, chocolate, peanuts and whipped cream

Also from NST review, you might want to try:

I’m Stuffed Shrimp (RM38.90). The extra large shrimps are stuffed with crabmeat and baked in garlic butter. A topping of Monterey Jack cheese gives it an irresistible aroma. It’s served with rice.

Bubba’s Shrimp Specials where choices include Shrimpin’ Dippin’ Broth (RM38.90, shrimp in broth with rice

There’s Popcorn Shrimp (RM16.90), served on paper in a bucket. As is the Run Across America Sampler (RM42.90), which is a combination of five types of appetisers. This is a good way to test out the various appetisers. Chilled shrimps are poached with shells. Use your fingers to peel them. After all, the homey-feel of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co inspires that kind of familiar, intimate dining.

Calamari Rings (RM17.90), Onion Rings (RM14.90) and Old Fashioned Clam Chowder (RM8.90 for a cup). The Tossed Chicken Cobb (RM24.90) is a huge serving of salad greens with grilled chicken, avocado, roma tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, beef bacon and gorgonzola cheese tossed with a really delicious raspberry vinaigrette.

Cajun Shrimps (RM20.90). The shrimps, shelled but with tails intact, are sauteed in a butter sauce spiced up with hot Cajun spices. Just add a squeeze of lemon. Garlic bread is provided for dipping up the hot sauce.

Dumb Luck Coconut Shrimp (RM38.90, served with Cajun marmalade) and Chipotle Shrimp (RM36.90, shrimp in creamy parmesan chipotle sauce with rice and garlic bread).

Accidental Fish And Shrimp (RM34.90) where you get broiled baramundi fish and sauteed shrimp on a bed of rice

Bubba’s After The Storm Bucket of Boat Trash (RM42.90). Also a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co signature dish, you get deepfried shrimp with deepfried slipper lobster tails and grilled baramundi in a bucket. There’s plenty of fries for company too.

slow-roasted, tender BBQ Beef Back Ribs (RM58.90) served with fries and coleslaw. It’s a huge portion, so you may want to share.

That Chocolate Thing (RM16.90) — warm flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and raspberry sauce.

Lastly, i brought this NIke Dress . yes.....dress......still NIKE:P like it alot and its been months i dint buy clothes:)


1st Floor, The CurveMutiara Damansara, PJ
Tel: 03-7710 9862