Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weekend Desert

Trans-fat free blue berry cheese cake from secret recipie and "mat toh yau" leong sui from Taipan. for the pass few weekeds, alex has been craving for cakes. so i ended up having it aswell........(staring at efil)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carls Jr. - Pavilion

i had this for lunch yesterday. alex was not a fan so i have it by myself. Lots of variety to choose from. i had the one with mushroom - less guilty ma. atleast got mushroom in it and not pure meat:P so the serving was big and you can help yourself to refil drinks and toppings for the burgers. it was quite pricy if compare to McD and Burger King. This meal cost me RM25.20

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nike Womens Event

Goodie bags for frist 500 participant.
Insude Goodie bag and my guest pass

Cheng on make up...very gurly and pretty......the feminine side of her.

Pole Dancing

Alex @ kick boxing corner...yes...its a NIKe WOMENs event:) The guys were invited guest:)

Tanjung Sepat Mini Taipan

Newly open mini steamboat outlet. took over former "big boy"restaurant. Same row as taipan kopitiam. one of the shareholder from Sunway chinese restaurant "Tian Tian Lai" own this shop.
there are lots of variety/sets to choose from. price per set ranging from RM13.90 - up to Rm39++. 1 sets = 1 person's meal. base of soup is either tom yam, chicken or porridge.

you can match the steamboat with geoduck, crab, fish...etc.

The below meal with beef cost RM19.90.
A mini controler under the table to control the volume of heat.

Below fried fish cake is nice. Fried on the outside, tender,watery inside.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lance Armstrong Foundation Charity Ride

See you there!

er...the poster was not suppost to be this color. Not sure why it turn yellow when i upload it.ANyway, yellow is the color to show support to cancer patients:)
Just double click the poster to view details.

Lance's story
At age 25, Lance Armstrong was one of the world's best cyclists. He proved it by winning the World Championships, the Tour Du Pont and multiple Tour de France stages. Lance Armstrong seemed invincible and his future was bright.
Then they told him he had cancer.
Next to the challenge he now faced, bike racing seemed insignificant. The diagnosis was testicular cancer, the most common cancer in men aged 15-35. If detected early, its cure rate is a promising 90 percent. Like most young, healthy men, Lance ignored the warning signs, and he never imagined the seriousness of his condition. Going untreated, the cancer had spread to Lance's abdomen, lungs and brain. His chances dimmed.
Then a combination of physical conditioning, a strong support system and competitive spirit took over. He declared himself not a cancer victim but a cancer survivor. He took an active role in educating himself about his disease and the treatment. Armed with knowledge and confidence in medicine, he underwent aggressive treatment and beat the disease.
During his treatment, before his recovery, before he even knew his own fate, he created the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This marked the beginning of Lance's life as an advocate for people living with cancer and a world representative for the cancer community.
Lance Armstrong's victories in the 1999-2005 Tours de France are awe-inspiring, but the battle against cancer has just begun-not just for him, but for all cancer survivors and people just like him who think cancer could not affect them. He plans to lead this fight, and he hopes that you join him. This is a life he owes to cancer. This is his choice to live strong.

True Fitness on this quarter Revolution Magazine

Guess who's Santa?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hachiko The movie

The real Hachiko -stuffed and mounted remains are kept in the National Science Muzium, Ueno, Tokyo.

Base on a True Story....about Hachi-ko a pure- breed Akita,born in 1923, who follows his master to Shibuya train station every morning and then trots back to meet him at the end of the day. under the snow, under the rain...hachi remains loyal. The professor die one day while at work. Hachi became a stray dog after professor family move to another town. Hachi then devote his life to waiting outside the station for his master -whom ofcourse never returned. Days after days he stood there waiting. he became a celebrity, with news article detailing his virgil. After 10 years of waiting, hachi finally died outside the train station under the snow. A statue was made after him at the shibuya station.

Hachi-ko's tale captured the attention and sympathy of the nation. When he died, the government declare an official day of mourning.

During the war,the famous statue was melted down for use in ammunition plants. but after the war, the son of the original sculptor recreated his father's work.

nowadays, odate city and national science muzium in tokyo also has hachi's statue.

Really touching. alex told me about this true story about 2 years ago.already hachi made me cry. now that i get to watch the movie.....we cry like hell. Not even us can compare to Hachi for his loyalty.

i was rather feeling unhappy today about something at work.dont ask me what is it. its work. but after watching this movie and what hachi did, i just felt that my case wasnt such a big deal after all.

Dinner @ Dragon I Sunway

Off work early as its public holiday today. off we got for dinner. Apart from their signature dish - "siao long pao", the carrot cake is a must try.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The hardest part-Coldplay

"The music video for "The Hardest Part" was shot on 3 March 2006 in St. Petersburg, Florida at a yacht marina. The video uses a clip from a short-lived 80s program "Attitudes" on the Lifetime network, and has the band digitally inserted. The band essentially plays beside a stage where an 84-year-old lady and her 25-year-old male friend put up an incredible act of athleticism, despite her age.

Scallop week

Jaya33 -jaya grocer was sellin scallop at a reasonable price. so alex brought a big pack of em. so end up, i had scallop meal few days in a row.

Well, below was not scallop. just us eating at Daorae. Do try their set lunch. Rn14 net. very good!

U Hu anyone?

in Pavilion 2 days in a row, i saw shoppers carying a plastic beg with a pink box in it. it dosen look like JCO. certainly not Big Apple. i wonder wat was it.......and i found out this is a newly lauch product from The Loaf (our former PM's bakery)

its call....U Hu!..they have 18 types of flavour to choose from. its 6 in a box. you can either buy it with an introductory price at RM5 each, or, you take their pre-packed box which cost RM25 for hald a dozen,Rm45 for 1 dozen and RM60 for 1 1/2 dozen. but you dont get to select the flavour for pre pack.

Flavour they recomend include: DUrian, chocolate and strawberry. for the other 3 flavour, i choose green tea, ear grey and coffee.

hurry! offer from 15th March - 31st March 08!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

True Dance Taiwan

These are some of the instructor that is teaching in True Fitness - True Dance Taiwan.
Serena and Rambo - quite frequent seen on TV.
Yannus - from so you think you can dance Malaysia.