Sunday, July 27, 2008

True Fitness Pavilion Demo Day 2

Well, this is day 2 of demo at Pavilion.1st round of demo consist of alex, terence, lorraine and nic and team capoeira quek and ivan. 2nd round i replace terence. thanks to all of them and also member joanne, christine and friend that stay for both demo to cheer and jaga beg for us......paiseh paiseh and thank you!

after our demo, along came the performers for the world drum festival.

i think below is team Indonesia

Team Japan

Team Korea
Team Venezuela
we bump into alex's cousin. she is a musician. she was playing piano outside Tangs. she also plays in concert of jacky name a few. alex cousin mac chew is chief composer in malaysia music industry. part if his work includes puteri gunung ledang , emil chow concert......etc etc.
after the demo we made a call to adrian whishing him all da best. he is about to head to air port during that time.

dinner is at Ichiban is excellent and fair in price. do try their set - Saba Fish.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

PAvilion Demo Day 1 and FUnky Friday Night

Day 1 Demo Team At pavilion - Team BODYJAM(Jason,Anthony,Sulin,Sharon,Shirlyn). Team Capoeria(Quek and Ivan)

Awesome job. haha....while doing the demo jason sambil dancing sambil say to anthony: alot of people watching yo!

and sulin, first time i see her doing demo.......darn wild lah! really all out. And the rest is simply superb! BODYJAM Demo video is with sharon's camera......

Below was a day ago - Funky Friday Night with Jason, Sharon and Shirlyn.

And jason, not bad what the african track. i like! More pics on funky friday night go to

Theabroma/Zabaglione/Terengganu Car!

Was at pavilion this afternoon to support team BJ and capoeira for their demo. after demo we head to this chocolate lounge just beside True Fitness.

According to ancient chronicles, quetzalcoatl taught the aztecs how to roast and grind the cacao seeds. making a nourishing paste that could be dissolved in the water. SPices were frequently added ti the mixture named chocolatl which was consumed as a bitter beverage. this chocolatl beverage was so recerf that it was only consumed from the golden cup.- Theobroma - Food of the Gods

Theobrama Chocolate Lounge from Australia is in Malaysia! with the first outlet opened in One Utama, followed by a second outlet in Pavilion KL.(1st picture below from kampung boy citygal blog)
Mississippi Choc Pie
Fair LAdy Frappe
Variety of chocs!
cappuccino was nice

omelete with chesse

Well, the cake below is superb. cost Rm16++. vert costly. You can get it at d'italianne kitchen at jaya33. its belgium cholocate and cream. its call Zabaglione. Next i want to try their hazelnut crunch cake call NICOLE.
well, on the way from pavilion, we spotted this car on the road! YAM Ahli Majlis Penasihat Pemangku TERENGGANU . the hot topic that was on major newspaper since yesterday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner at NIcs'

Woo hoo. a chance for me to taste a celebrity chef's cooking! Nic (jaya member- in blue)was so nice to invite us and a few other jaya member over to his house for supper! it was right after adrian BC certification. also a farewell dinner for him.

this Portuguese baked sole fish is ichiban! there is this green color mee that nic cook. darn i accidentally delete the picture! hopefully adrian can send me his copy:)

Cupcake is most awesome!
pic below as earlier while i was at pavilion. what can you get in a pub at wisma cosway at the afternoon?
steam rice!!!!!!RM8. comes with a drink and soup. was there with alex and jack jack.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shin Kee Finally!

was at pavilion on tuesday. saw this outsite the NIKE store. and i got myself a pink NIKE shirt. it says: MOVE TO THE BEAT...or something like that. sounds very BODYJAM yea. finally, as it is a tueday, we purposely head down to petaling street SHin Kee Beef Noodle for lunch!YUMYUM! This is on my must have list

i got these......this one below in cantonese is call "siu how jou" direct translation in cantonese is SMILE /MOUTH/DATES- as in RED "DATES".
This below is call "dan san" in cantonese EGG/ SCRAMBLE
First time i try those stuff. interesting. we park our car in central market. so before going back, we took 10 mins walking inside ......cos....its alex first time to central market!

Dinner at station 1

it was a last minute arrangement. after class alfee,adrian,alex myself and kress head to station 1 for an unofficial farewelll dinner with adrian.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Power Combaters

Power or not?????!!!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zanmai - Dark Knight - Fong Lye

we woke up at 9.30am this morning. by 10.30am, we got ready to head to The Gardens Mid Valley for a 12.30pm movie.

Breakfast was at Sushi Zanmai. my first visit. not bad. price.......ok . Fair. their food comes either in "small" or "large" portion.
Unagi Don
Shoyu Ramen
My all time favourite - Ni Hotate first visit to GSC Signature. Normal GSC tickets cost RM1o. but at Signature, it cost RM20 per seat. So it better be good. and it turn out well! it was all twin seats at the cinema we went. seats are huge and confortable. we though of going to gold class at first. but after looking at the $$$ - it cost Rm45 per person, and a surcharge of RM30. So all together it cost RM122 for 2 person......haha no thanks. But i am glad we pick Signature to watch Batman. because its a almost 3 hours show!

The Dark Knight a must watch! And it could not have done it without Heath Ledger. he definitely deserve an Oscar. really good acting. and not to forget 1 of my all time favourite actor - Morgan Freeman. Evey time i hear his voice, makes me think of the movie Bruce Almighty. Morgan Freeman as God.

i think i saw Edison Chen in this movie too! with only 1 dialogue: "Sorry sir, no mobile aloud int his building".
lunch is at Fong Lye-Taiwan Restaurant
i know they have a branch near to HArtamas TF. not sure if they serve set meals like the one in Mid Valley.
Bump into my secondary school mate Kong You in this restaurant as well.
Sweat Potato ball
Steam fish with pineapple and taiwan marinated sweat bean set meal

3 varieties sweat and sour sauce set meal.
i'll try this the next time i go to The Gardens
WHen i am not doing RPM.....
opppssss.......hehe.......cant resist la.....bump into FF Nick Heng. he is catching the 9pm show.
we stop by at MYoga at the end. 1 of my colleague from FF last time, which is still a member of TF, is now working for MYoga. So we took a tour inside. not bad. very zen. i like the Internet room.