Thursday, May 29, 2008

sakae sushi Pavilion & MJ Cafe Jaya33

My lunch at Pavilion yesterday- Hirashi ramen @ Sakae Sushi.
not bad. not too filling. just nice. ramen itself is tasteless. but taste good after you add on the sauce beside.
food i like to eat at MJ cafe -Jaya33
Nasi Pattaya. but i usually ask them to put sotong and chicken only. instead of the normal prawn and chicken.
alex likes - lala mee

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Oriental Pavilion- Jaya33

i know i know, my previous blog was about animal cruelty, and here i am , at Oriental Pavilion @ jaya33 for these! these are the special occasions i am talking about. alex parents is in KL, so alex treat them for lunch. alex's dad loves to eat here we are. enjoying one of oriental pavilion star dish- Peking Duck. i thought the price for the duck is quite fair. Rm68 and they made 2 dish out of it. but the hong kong garlic fried choy sum was over price! only vegetable cost us RM30!first dish: slice duck skin wrap with egg crepe.

then, the rest of the meat they fried it and eat together with Wan Ton Mee. i think the duck taste ok only. but the mee is really crispy........
other items we ordered are rost pork. i ate 1/4 slice only.....just to taste. but it taste good with the mustard sauce they provide. and char siu bun. i din take any of it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i'll wash my hands later

Today i shook hands not once, but twice with.....

Yannus & Manuela has just arrive last week from True Dance Taiwan to Malaysia for the judging of " So You think You can Dance" .

so want to take picture with them.....but cannot la.....formal meeting with bosses:)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yishensu to Pick n Brew- One Utama

its wesak day today. so we decided not to have poultry for a day. we went to Yishensu in 1Utama new .(opposite TGI and Burger King) Strongly recomended by Adrian, Shirlyn and Eng Guan. Price is really reasonable. Yishensu 1st outlet located at Kampar town,perak, malaysia. open since 1989.
Fried Emperor Noodle - A MUST TRY! -really really good. its not oily and dry.cooked to perfection.Fried Crispy Goose-good!
EMperor Tofu
FIsh Head Bihun
Since we are at 1Utama, we decided not to missed ......
Alex ordered under " adrenalin" column - Columbia and Brazil Coffee.

i ordered Irish Cream frapelicious
this is a special promotion- tea time 3-6pm if you ordered coffee, you get to choose to have 1 slice of cake or muffin for FREE! the blueberry cheese cake is awesome!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

o'Brians & Purple Cane

been craving for Obriens chicken tripple Decker Toastie(a must have) for 2 weeks. so finally today me and alex made our way to curve for it. as alex wants to go ikea as well. at curve we bump into Terence, alex's cousin from johor and Adrian and SY!

tripple chicken decker is awesome awesome awesome
a must try!
Then alex was craving for purple cane since last we head to mid valley.....Fish with Oat and tea leaves.....very nice.
Spinach in tea soup
Ding Dong Tofu

damn good desert. above is rose with chestnut. below is almond with bean curd.

dinner is above - Unagi Don from Jusco:)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adrian's success story- Mandrin Version:)

just got to know from jack jack, cosmetic, srugery and beauty got mandrin version one! with some pictures slightly different as compare to the english version.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PEtaling Street Yums

for months, i have been planning to come here. just missed their beef noodles. this is the best best best beef noodles i have ever taste before! and i love the thin slice of beef. like shabu -shabu. and cheap too! i think Rm5 per bowl. i used to have this once a week during college times. my best friend see may brought me here once......and that's it! love it! they are just opposite bangkok bank and lai foong restaurant. you cant missed it.....can park your car and central market also. and walk across.

So, after not knowing if this beef noodle shop is still at its location ( since its been a long time since i was here last), i was hoping that is was still there. and it is! i walked closer to the shop.....i found out that..........

IT IS CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!*&$^#^&@*$)%&*!

oh, at night, they will be beside this medan selera inside petaling street.

so, no beef noddle for me.....sob sob....all the way from Pavilion....some more so hungry after class:( so ok lor, i walk into petaling street.....i know my fav asam laksa and cuttle fish kangkung not open for business yet. so.....
i settle for this famous Wan Ton mee. mom used to bring me here.

and later.....APAM!:) love it! when i was young, i used to bug mom to buy me when we come to petaling street. i tapau some back for alex.....alex say he has never tasted apam before:)
and, you cant missed famous Air Mata Kucing....they have an outlet inside mid Valley also. but cost RM2 per cup. in petaling street only Rm1.20
and also famous Sze Ngan Chye duck kiosk.....
so.....that's my less then 1 hour trip in petaling street for lunch......on my own:) and i hate some of the the bus driver there! they purposely horn so loud and long while you try to cross the road! my god! almost gone deaf!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Adrian's success story

i am just glad adrian got featured in the mag. i remember bothering him so much while he was recovering after his surgery. cos the editor need more info ma. paiseh the mag you will also see picture of alex c and jack - from the snowwhite boys time:) hiaks......

for more info, please go to .

name of mag: cosmetic, surgery and beauty:)

Monday, May 12, 2008


finally i got to taste Starbucks latest new offer at a cheap price. weekdays from morning untill 2pm....i think.

sausage with cheese.

tomato with basil

below was what i had today in pavilion mercato. mix your own salad. Rm1.80 per 100 gm.