Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wonder Milk Cafe

Finally a chance to visit this cafe. design is really unique which makes you feel at home. cup cakes are quite good. my vote goes to Tiramisue and Orange choc. The other 3 cup cakes that i have tried are Oh My Choc, peanut and one more cant recall.the highlight of the day is their sandwiches. cheap and nice! Beef Rasher with cheese in baked potato. a must must try. RM8.90also a must try is Beef Steak sandwich RM7 and chicken pesto sandwich at RM7.90

hot Choc is quite good too. at RM7. which i think having a sandwich is more worthid

i will be back for their sandwiches.

Damansara Uptown

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Magaret Yong Tau Fu- Court 9

Dinner at Magaret's. overall was ok, did not really like the fact that they put pepper on top of all the yong tau fu. Sauce not tick enough for me. But i do enjoy they brinjal, really big piece. and foo chook was nice too. i still prefer Ampang YTF at Taipan and USJ2 hawker YTF Fried Tau Ken, hrm, not my cup of tea. Paper Wrap chicken, ok only.


Business hour: 11.30-3pm and 6-10pm.

Close on monday.

V1-00-06, Subang Perdana Court 9,

persiaraan Mulia,47610 SJ.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flower Garden Taipan USj

thanks so my sec school mate steph, she told me this restaurant is doing 50% for all food promo. until this friday only. So without much planing we gather a few foodies to try it out. service is good. food not bad, the desert drink call sweet rice drink is awesome. Poultry wise my vote still goes to Daore Taipan.Bill come up to RM245.00 after 50% discount. so one person about RM30. Quite worthid. So hurry! Offer till this friday!

the very nice sweet rice drink......
so nice that Alfee is asking for more.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Park Village Restaurant/Shih Lin and Getha

Lunch today at Park Village Restaurant, at damansara uptown. we were actually at DU as alex wanted to look for a Tri Bike. so we went to Joo Ngan. it was my first time trying this restaurant after hearing that its fried chicken its awesome. (just beside joo ngan). below dish cost RM6.80. Not bad:)Dinner is Shih Lin's oyster Mee sua. Shih Lin might be operating in small kiosk concept, but do not underestimate them. their food is really nice. love the mee sua and the XXL chicken. although i think the chicken is kinda oily.oh and i got my self this malaysia product - Getha Pillow, 100% latex at Sunway Pyramid. if you happen to be at their shop, do try their mattress,its really good, with the music they are playing, the lighting and the aroma, makes me feel so want to sleep! anyway the reason i get this pillow is well, for better quality sleep and not wake up having stiff neck or wake up having vertigo. Hope it serve me well.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My rather sinful yet rewarding lunch today after class at Pavilion. Another new place to eat. You can find it at Level 4 just beside starbucks or opposite TGI. i ordered Nasi Bojari, which was similar to Madam Kwan , only difference i think its Mdm kwan's beef rending its more tender. the off set is it took them 25 mins to serve my meal and that is with only ME in the restaurant. and they took another 7 minutes to return me my change for the bill when there is only ME paying at that moment:) Hope they can improve on that.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Restaurant Little Hokkien Kitchen

Hockkien food for hockkien lang! newly open restaurant at usj sentral. USJ1 . price is fair. about Rm5 or RM6 per order. you can get hockkien food such as( i am typing out exactly what is written in the menu) :Quan Zhou Mee Sua, Xia Men Chao bai guo, fried tapioca starch, pu tian chao mi xian,xin hua chao bihun, hui an salted fish fried rice...etc
Fried otak-otak

Mee sua

Fried tapioca starch

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adidas King of the Road Shah Alam

Woke up at 5am today, had a rather smooth trip to reach stadium shah alam about 6.10am. actually we had to stop by at esso to ask for direction. But it was fast. 11km race starts sharp at 7am. with the mayor of shah alam and datuk flagging off the race. Either the datuk or the mayor kept pointing the flag off gun at the participant which is kinda scary, haha the runners at to look up at the podium to the datuk or the mayor and say: pistol...pistol...jangan aim sini:P.

Alex finish his 11km run in 1hr and 7 minutes. He made 2 stop before the finish line. first was after the first 2 km where he stop at caltex to pee. 2nd time was when a person fainted infront of him, alex had to keep waking him and waited for ambulance to arrive 3-5 mins later. as usual was happy to see some gym peeps:) and its time for me to get a new camera as the entire time all the pics was taken using my hp. luckily prasat reminded me a feature in my hp which could take continuous pictures. and thanks to carina which got a last minute entree for alex to run.

you can actually see many types of runners, some runners carry their shoe bag to run, some carrying school bag to run:P some was on the phone while running, some run bare foot and these guys were really fast! and for your info, almost all top 10 runners are kenyan, for a minute i was like er.......Kenya BOLEh! heh:p it was great to get a change to see the handicapped category and veteran category participating. you get really motivated by them.

The starting of 11km category

Gun pointing at the runners
alex to finish line

alex with carinabrian enteringhandicaped category me the goal keeper:P

me and jenny

what alex got.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Taste Pan Mee USJ10 , Yow How Fook & A.T BKT USJ Sentral

Today lunch at newly open Good Taste Pan Mee at USJ 10/1c (besite Sate restaurant), they are doing grand opening promotion now where it cost RM5 for any noodle and plus free 1 drink. Soya milk is nice. overall i still prefer super kitchen chili pan mee and Sri sentosa kung fu pan mee.

Traditional Pan mee. Was ok. soup is very clear, aka less taste. But i like it as their egg is really half boil. unlike super kitchen where i think they have too much order hence the QC of the half boil egg was abit out. sometimes the yolk are fully cooked.LO Pan Mee, with prawns, fish cakes and pork. nice with vinegar.Dry pan mee, i thought the portion was very little. taste ok. they also have curry chicken and dry chili pan mee. i tried their sui kau as well, not as good as super kitchen's one which the sui kau skin is really thin and have mroe mixture of pork and veg.Dinner at USJ Sentral newly open Yow How Fook BKT. now therei s 3 BKT shop there! first one was QIan Li Xiang which i really enjoyed their dry BKT . a must try. For Yow How Fook, i think they need more fan:) very stuffy. food wise, they have a good number of choice like honey pork, etc......which i did not try. i tried their soup BKT, was ok, as usual. Did not try their dry one. perhaps one day. but i think they need to make their rice less sticky. Else its not nice to go with the soup:). Pricing is not expensive at all. There is one more BKT shop at USJ sentral which i yet to try. its seafood BKT. also if you do happen to be around klang, try this famous BKT.

Another BKT shop, A.T Seafood BKT was just few doors away, interior was quite high class, price wise was ok for the normal BKT. But for seafood is a little bit more pricy as usual, price is determine by total grams of the seafood type you order. Their soup BKT was quite similar to the others. As for the dry BKT, its actually not bad, but i still prefer qian li xiang at