Sunday, April 12, 2009

USJ hawker food and pocket size projector

Try this yummy chee cheong fun in KEdai Makanan dan minuman USJ 2. if i am not mistaken the chef name is frankie . i purposely give it a try today as there was a write up about this store in star paper couple of months ago. and in deed it was nice. remember to add fried foo chook.there are other choices of yong tou foo to add on such as lady fingers, tou foo, etc. but i din order them as i still have a pack of curry laksa to finish:P at the other corner of USJ 2 shop lots, there is another coffee shop called Le Kwang Sdn BHd. right here you can get this authentic penang curry mee. with fried too foo pok, cuttle fish, si ham and something like..... cube of jelly blood. not really sure what its called. did not order them though. i thought the soup quite good.

Last but not least, looking for world 1st pocket size cinema projector? click here.

No more bulky projector during presentation. you do not need to bring your lap top either, as there is an 1GB internal memory to store your power point presentation. its size of a handphone.

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BYL-And-Ah-Don said...

Hmmm ... all this food is making us very hungry!!! :)

Oh, and beaches ... Siesta Key (rated one of the top 10 beaches in the world) is only 10 minutes from our house. There are also hundreds of miles of other beaches in Florida. Maybe you should come and see them lah !! ???