Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ichiban Boshi. Italiane Kitchen and See you next year!

so its the last day of 2008. so we decided to treat ourself lunch at Ichiban Boshi Pavilion. we both ordered Saba fish set. RM22.90 worth it. FIsh was really good.additional order by Alex. RM2.90 per fish.

what is famous in ichiban Boshi is their handmade soba. will try that next time. we watch the whole process and its not easy.

Dinner was at D'italiane Kitchen at jaya33 . we ordered our usual pasta ,mushroom soup and zabaglione.

can hear fireworks as i am typing. its going to be 2009 in 30 minutes time. counting down at home. not going anywhere. dont want to get stuck in the jam. i am happy for things that i have and achieve in year 2008 , thank you all my family, my loves one, my friends , all members of team GX for your understanding, help , love , support and wishes. i am certainly looking forward to a better, happier and healthier 2009!

See you next year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Eve Gathering at True Fitness HQ

2 weeks ago the management level staff and HQ Staff are asked to purchase are assign to purchase 1 present (not less then Rm10) to another staff that was randomly pick . and the present was put under the xmas tree as below. today is the day where we all gather, have some food and sparkling juice and open our gift.We also had a small lucky draw session on our "Be My Guest"Campaign where our office director draw out the winning ticket. 1 of our lucky guest and member wins RM2000 each and one of our front desk won RM1000.

we also had cake cutting ceremony for december birthday babies.

hehe.....this is my gift. From an anonymous.

Monday, December 29, 2008


todays diner is at El Rancho steamboat buffet USJ 1.Just Beside Summit USJ's back lane. its sad that business was not good at all if compare to sunway mentari steamboat "Yuen". not sure why, maybe fung shui? previously, before this steamboat shop, it was food court and then it was western food. but both close down. i hope this place can sustain. actually their food choice is similar to most steamboat buffet restaurant. plenty of tables and ample space. service was friendly too! we arrive at 5pm , we are the earliest. then at 6.30 another couple arrive. by 6.45, another family arrive. so at 7pm, there was only 3 table occupied including us.

grilled stingray on the house. but was not tasty, too salty.

Lot 42697

Jalan SS13/1K,USJ 1,

47600 SUbang Jaya


Open from 5pm.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pappa Rich Taipan

Pappa RIch has made its debut in Taipan i think on christmas eve. so we head there for lunch today. i first try pappa rich at its pj branch during simone's bday.

place was fully packed.i ordered wholemeal bread with kaya and butter(rm3.80), the bread was good. kaya and butter normal. nothing to shout about. alex ordered peanut butter bread(rm3.80), peanut was good. bread was not.he also ordered white coffee.(rm3.50) was HORRIBLE! it was like drinking plain water. so we asked the waiter to change another cup for us, result was just slightly better. kopitiam coffee tasted better. as you can see in the picture the coffee looks not " gau".

alex also had NAsi Lemak. hrm, was ok.(rm8.90)
i went for hor fun with foo chok. was ok. i thought is wat expensive selling at RM8.90. similar dish at kopitiam was only RM6.50 right? with tax included.

well, cendol(rm4.50) did not dissapoint us. i think mom would like it. their gula melaka was good.

if compare, i would rather eat noddles at agefuku(opposite papparich taipan), which is what i had for dinner last night, below picture is a Rm9 Reimen i orderd. with no tax charged.

and oh this, my first time trying, just like real mango! try it!

No:1,Jalan USJ10/1D

47620 Selangor Darul Ehsan


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

PEpper Lunch - pavilion KL

Its Christmas eve today , alex treat me lunch at after class at Pavilion.

alex ordered beef tepanyaki. RM20++
and this is how you cook it

i go for salmon with rice RM25++and the instructions
beef are imported from australia with original butter and sauce, freshly ground pepper and serve with either honey brown sauce or garlic soy sauce as below. i would say the food was ok. its abit like high class fast food. but i will not have it frequently, too costly for lunch.and oh, if you are going for the garlic soy sauce, don't pour too much! its salty.

PAvilion Xmas Deco

got this for alex, his xmas pressie......

and this card below from Tracy,Dave and JAzz.

Q4 BAck to school Launch!

we only have about 2 1/2 weeks to memorize the chorey, we had help from the team to get sponsors for the event, we wonder what we are going to wear - teachers? bad boy? prefect?.....but in the end we still pull it all together!Chantique - kly!

Brought to you by True Fitness High School Team!last minute ironing on the badge for launchbut......badge stick on iron!!!!!!heheheehso these are the over size and too old for school boyz - Team BODYPUMP Team BODYCOMBAT had to skip school for launch.

and this is a great shot by jack, he only had about 10 sec. if you guys watch track 7 video, you know what is this about. Team BODYBALANCE - a prefect and a teacher?

Team BODYVIVE - fuyoh, coach and school team

oh, Team BODYATTACK where edmundonna quote to be 3 adult acting to be cute :P
Team RPM with Tracy and Alex!

and me with momma o!

Love this picture bring back the memories

and this! Team BODYJAM - totally love their cool down track with Jenny(representing BA), Lorraine(representing BC,RPM), Anita(representing BS),Purdey(representing BB) together on stage doing the track. eh, why no representative from BP geh?

and this picture below, so HIgh School MUsical right? Love it! Team BODYSTEP!

Thank everyone! Could not have done it without you guys!

For more pictures please go to

Saturday, December 13, 2008

RPM tuition

i walked in to RPM studio today and saw these!woohoo.....olivia had some trophies made to award fellow RPM instructors. each of them had a certificate of appreciation as well.

some of the winners

and these peeps even wears xmas hat and deco while riding and later exchange xmas gifts.

thanks olivia momma for your effort!