Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Q4 BAck to school Launch!

we only have about 2 1/2 weeks to memorize the chorey, we had help from the team to get sponsors for the event, we wonder what we are going to wear - teachers? bad boy? prefect?.....but in the end we still pull it all together!Chantique - kly!

Brought to you by True Fitness High School Team!last minute ironing on the badge for launchbut......badge stick on iron!!!!!!heheheehso these are the over size and too old for school boyz - Team BODYPUMP Team BODYCOMBAT had to skip school for launch.

and this is a great shot by jack, he only had about 10 sec. if you guys watch track 7 video, you know what is this about. Team BODYBALANCE - a prefect and a teacher?

Team BODYVIVE - fuyoh, coach and school team

oh, Team BODYATTACK where edmundonna quote to be 3 adult acting to be cute :P
Team RPM with Tracy and Alex!

and me with momma o!

Love this picture bring back the memories

and this! Team BODYJAM - totally love their cool down track with Jenny(representing BA), Lorraine(representing BC,RPM), Anita(representing BS),Purdey(representing BB) together on stage doing the track. eh, why no representative from BP geh?

and this picture below, so HIgh School MUsical right? Love it! Team BODYSTEP!

Thank everyone! Could not have done it without you guys!

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