Monday, December 29, 2008


todays diner is at El Rancho steamboat buffet USJ 1.Just Beside Summit USJ's back lane. its sad that business was not good at all if compare to sunway mentari steamboat "Yuen". not sure why, maybe fung shui? previously, before this steamboat shop, it was food court and then it was western food. but both close down. i hope this place can sustain. actually their food choice is similar to most steamboat buffet restaurant. plenty of tables and ample space. service was friendly too! we arrive at 5pm , we are the earliest. then at 6.30 another couple arrive. by 6.45, another family arrive. so at 7pm, there was only 3 table occupied including us.

grilled stingray on the house. but was not tasty, too salty.

Lot 42697

Jalan SS13/1K,USJ 1,

47600 SUbang Jaya


Open from 5pm.


Anonymous said...

can someone tell me where is el rancho now..
are they shifted?...i need to know miss that plase so much..

Su-Yee said...

on dear they have close down. nothing there seems to work.i have no idea where it is located

Anonymous said...

I miss to go there again..