Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Haute Food Co - Plaza Damas

Love the set up and ambiance. a place that i will go back and back and back again. Their roast beef sand which is a must have. I tried it with all 3 types of toasted rye, white and multi grain bread. i prefer multi gran. as Rye was not crispy after toasted and white is simple carbs for me.and we were lucky to try their special for the day- beef with portobello mushroom. absolutely worth the price and delicious. Scone is made is heaven. paired with jam and cream its so delicious. almond xsant is very very good! so is poppy seed with mix berry cake. lamb burger was quality and chicken cop, i like their mashed potato that comes with it. Hedgehog was i think a kiddie food. little boys would love it.I also have the chance to try the tiramisu with alcohol. was just ok for me and green pea soup with lamb is not bad . its filling.the mocha below was normal. and at rm11, i rather spend my money on food. i also love cakes from Haute . the non creamy type. poppy seed cake and flourless orange with basil cake is awesome.for creamy cake goes to bangsar village 2 mamarlade - banana toffee cake. or banotoffe. below is coffee toffe cake. this cake is serve hot like brownie. actually all pastry's are nice when its hot. so dont op for take away if you can. i would prefer not to have the icing on top. too sweet for my liking.banana cake is really moist fluffy and fresh. peanut butter chocolate cake below was not badbeef pie (bourguignon) is only rm6.50 with chrispy thin crust and tender juicy beef

This surely is all in one goodness. Pecan coffee chocolate cheese cake! what more can you ask for? not sweet, all flavour is just nice.if you see it...(must have!)

on the other hand, smoked chicken sandwhich with cheese is the least of my favourite. not because its not nice. just i prefer non process chicken. and i had too much cheese that day.

3 Nut cake

Apple strawberry

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake
Salted chocolate caramel yums!

The Bounty Cake: for Rm3.50, this aromatic cake consist of walnut, poppyseed, banana, carrot,  raisins and sunflower seed!

Beef and grain Rissoles! lovely!

Plum, Almond & Buckwheat gluten free cake

Lemon and raspberry cake
Caramel PEcan cheese cake is yums!
grilled spicy chicken. red pepper, slaw, pesto almond, open sandwhich is delicious!

lamb penne
yums! thick and tasty!
smoked salmon w avocado and rye bread open sandwhich. yums!
strawberry banana cakelet. sweet!
this one is deliciously rich yet not sweet. every single bite is a bliss! awesome to go with a cup of coffee!

a closer look. yums!

look at this protobellow mushroom!!!!!!!

braised chicken
ROast Lamb Sandwhich is superb!!!!!! mint sauce is great!
lamb wrap! the lamb is good!

cheeseburger. i find the beef patty too salty
grilled chicken with couscous!
smoked salmon and zuchinni tart!

tuna and walnut sandwhich. honestly this one i can DIY. taste kinda salty to me

aussie rib eye skewer ,tomato salsa and avocado with pita bread. wholesome and awesome and balance!
sticky date pudding was sweet and rich

salmon angelhair