Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santouka- tokyo street pavilion

omg! famous hokkaido ramen chain is here. at first look you feel that rm35 for a set is $. but not after you tasted it. you want more! 3 types of ramen soup base, so far i tried shio and the spicy one. both are equally good. ramen is awesome. char siew in rice is great. a must have is their premium pork cheek at rm15 ala carte. else you can ask for ramen with premium pork cheek. Normal ramen does not come with that. ramen comes in S M L size. each size is rm3 difference. S size you have 1 slice of pork, M 2 slice, L 3 slice. other than that, the portion of the noodle are the same. (in my must have list is SHio Ramen and pork Cheek)

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Steve said...

Shio is definitely the best IMO. Noodle portion is not the same for the different sizes. I had the large, and it was a bit too big for me.