Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huck's Cafe - Jalan Abdullah Bangsar

Finally after 2 time of RSVP , i got a place for 2 at Huck's cafe. was eager to go there especially getting many good review. open from 7.30-11.30pm tuesday - sunday only. do check out their FB page - Huck's cafe. it shows you how to RSVP and order your main dishes in advance.

Place is easy to find. pass bangsar LRT on your left, see 7-11, then turn left. reach T junction, turn right, and you will see jalan abdullah on your left not long after.

we arrived early. greeted at the front door, as i walk in, a cool breeze of air con blown towards me. So cold that i was having hypothermia while waiting for food to be serve:P

we sat on a Balinese style huge square table. seating on the floor. i absolutely love it has its more easy going and chill.

where we sat(below picture)

other dining area

so we were greeted with mint in basil seed. the drink was really refreshing. even until 4 hrs later. the basil seed is chewy and full of texture. i wanted to try their french onion soup but it was not available that day. hence we choose pumpkin and mushrooms soup. a must try is their lemon roast chicken. the jaime oliver style. it was delicious. the side dish - the carrots, potatoes, celery. omg those are awesome. we also have guiness beef pie. not i was never a pie fan. but after that pie pastry by huck, omg! i felt in love with pie!!! that pie was tasty, crunchy....everything. of course paired with gusiness beef. we also have sarawak acar. it was a nice combo with the fish cracker. half way trough we were serve with pegaga juice. it was the most refreshing pegaga juice ever. oh desert, omg. creme brule was good. but i absolutely love the chocolate mud pie ice cream. its like having 1 bite of sneakers and 1 bite of chocolate ice cream top with oreo and nuts. the entire ambinece is just so peaceful that you dont wan to leave! its a great experience. and mr. huck seng is just charming:) do try out this place u guys. In my mst have list will be their Lemon Roast Chicken.

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