Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ben's Pavilion KL

Nasi Ulam

Beef Lasagna

CHicken balsamic salad. worthid for only rm17.90

HEard of PLan B before? Similarly under the company call thebigroupco is Ben's. I love everthing about this place except - for the air conditioning. Its ventilation needs to be fixed. Varuety of food from western, local delight, vegan, deserts. and the best thing is its cheap! most food were price rnage from rm20-25. I absolutely love the peanut butter and jam smoothies there! wahyu beef pie is yummy. soft shell crab pasta is sinfully nice. Velvet cake - abit too sweet for my liking but if you scrap away the creamy part of top, the cake actually is really moist and fresh. macademia cheese cake ice cream with caramel is sinfully nice combo. pad thai noodle is great too. ....nom nom.....till next time. oh yea, you can even play card games or check out some recipe sugegstion while waiting for food to be served:) (Must have list- Wagyu Beef pie, Peanut Butter & jam Smoothies, Macademia cheese cake ice cream)
below deconstructed roast beef salad was ok for me at RM26.90. I would still vote for wagyu beef pie.

chicken salad with slaw is not my forte. though refreshing , i find that the chicken are as little as a chunck of tuna spread out. for rm22.90, i would rather go for balsamic chicken at 17.90

hainanesse chicken rice. was ok for me. nothing to should about.

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