Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mr. Penang 2011

it was my first time watching the comp. was at the venue 8am in the morning not knowing what to aspect. Except just hang around with pg peeps and cam whoring while checking out other competitors. clock strikes 9am and registration begun. Comp started close to 11am with Junior Category, master category then the open category. What how my 3 penang peeps transform!

First up, my big bro Jee Soo Shian.

He was suppose to be one of the judge but decided to join the comp the very last minute and he still manage to get 1st runner up in light middle weight category. This is a classic example of healthy lifestyle and discipline in training. Anytime, anywhere. His 1 min freestyle routine can be view here. on beside jee is Garee the ngiah ngiah hamster! i would have starve to death without him. Thanks for Mc D!

then we move on to middle weight category with Yeoh kok Sin , i call him prince Yeoh. Others call him the beautiful thing? 1st runner up in his category as well. See his video HERE.Last but not least is the favourite of Light Heavy weight category, winning 5 times in a row including this year,  Ooi(che peow), i prefer to call ah peow:) Brought the house down with his Signature split in the routine. Check out the video. My creativity too was being put on test for sending him  motivational quotes or pictures 1 month before the comp till comp day. I love my work!