Friday, June 29, 2012

ss2 Wai Sek Kai

famous rm7 special order ba chang from store 58. yummy authentic.

store 8 char kuey teow

store 10 chee cheong fun

store 58 . i felt the outer layer was too thick and sweet

Friday, June 22, 2012

BBQ Barn - bangsar village

new addition to Ben General food store at Bangsar Village

the menu

steak is juicy.

clear cut

i ordered dynamite chicken and beef. deng it was hot!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ichiban Boshi Pavilion


Frontera Jaya One

set lunch and daily special from 12-4pm are absolutely workthid. with free evian water! even ala carte meal price is reasonable. first stumble upon this place and menu makes me feel like a restaurant for make over or restaurant imposisble. i thought buiness would improve if they have a face lift and items on menu is much lesser with more pictures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DI Wei at Empire Subang

wanted to try their recomended mongolian pork ribs but found out they change their chef last month. so trying out food from new menu. was looking forward for the dim sum but was told its only available during noon. i actually called up earlier to ask if dim sum is serve during dinner and i got a yes. but it turn otu otherwise. so we op for the promotion this month which is rm39.90 for a peking duck. MUST HAVE is their green tea golden sand bun int he noon service.

promotion was rm39.90++ for 1 duck.
a thoughtful way to serve tea. the top part cup can be remove so they tea is not soak too long
when cup is remove.
crunchy starter
scallop porridge. decent bowl . mimic a golden nuget
best ever green tea golden sand bun . perfect!
inside of a perfect dish
prawn dumpling . prawn is fresh. not too bad
siew mai was normal for me
chee cheong fun with crispy duck was okay for me. still prefer the usual meat or prawn type.
siew long bao was not bad.
char siew bun , skin is soft and moist. just fillings are a little too salty
i felt deep fried yam cake has been fried too long. although crispy
egg tart was pleasant
yam cake was too salty for me

black pepper duck. meat is tender.

Zun The Gardens

soup was good as usual

a healthier viersion of ba chang perhaps? made from 5 grains. i do like them

Espresso lab The Gardens/ e Curve

my first experience with espresso lab was at their first outlet at solaris dutamas. Espresso + milk was smooth as silk. I am really glad that they are now open at The Gardens. i would drive purposely to the jam pack mid valley just to have a cuppa.

espresso + milk or mocha is equally good.

and look at this affogato! its an Art!
ice cappuccino

for section 17 food foundry millie crepe fans, millie crepe is sold here. apart from that, i personally like their house boston cheese cake. just nice.
piccolo latte at Ecurve
chocolate cake from espresso lab ecurve

lemon cheesecake was okay for me. i do like the almond flakes and smell of burn sugar