Monday, October 29, 2012

East Meets West Fall For Feasting - BSC

went to foood fair today:) great experience

soft shell crab pizaa was good


forty licks is awesome! i love their salted caramel and honey with dark chocolate

yay sammich was great too. chips is crazy nice

hot shots was great as usual:)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

iL Lido KL

friend recomend me to try this place as she has been a frequent traveller to italy, and among all the italian restaurant she tried in kl, il lido is best. makes me more confident to try since its also rewarded time out best italian restaurant award. the interior design of the restaurant is sleek and cozy. service was great.

coffee was nothing to complain about

pink river was refreshing

complimentary bread. not my favourite bread texture but is good. i have no complains.

complimentary raw tuna with sour cream and cavier. was nice and heart warming.

soup of the day was fish soup . tasty and fills up your stomach. soup was at the right thickness

i absoultely love chef andrea creation of cheese raviolli. it just put a smile on my face. what is good about all the dishes i have ordered in il Lido is the fact that is was not salty, not too sweet, everything was mild but yet flavorful...contradicting i know... and taste just right

another must have is tortellini with lamb shank another perfect dish.

fetticuni with veal. the pasta was so chewy and bouncy. its just my personal preference that i like the other 2 pasta dish more

creme brulee. - original, strawberry, chocolate and pistachio. i like original more.

this is not a tiramisu. this is a freaking piece of art. beautiful.....i dont even want to eat it:)

a complimentary italian traditional desert

Friday, October 26, 2012

thirty8 -Grand Hyatt KL

nreath taking view. was thinking of doing some office work there but as i sat down with lovely ambience, friendly and warm staff, i just want to chill and do nothing

coffee at rm18 was not bad

thurty8 signature chocolate cake at rm25. i actually enjoy the banana ice cream beside more;)

with caramel on top

fresh from the oven bake chocolate cake is a must have. i have seen review that state it was a dissapointment but not for me. if was an absolute favourite for me. i like this better than their signature cake. crispy warm on the outside and chocolate melted out from the inside, with a not sweet at all berry ice cream, just perfect. the cake was rich, but was not sweet or felt too much in the end at all, i felt i wanted more actually.  a must try!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bone & pot Damansara Uptown

if you understand mandrin, you will like their catchy shop name

i choose signature pork bone broth( which taste delicious at the very end) and tim yam ( which taste great. one of the best tom yam). next time i will want to try tomato broth and pork stomach peppr broth

all different types of chilli and all delicious!


this is a must have - hand made pork ball


must have - enoki mushroom wrap with chicken

fried beancurd
fried squid is one of the let down really

hand made sotong ball and sotong slice

veg and lotus root

Senjyu Ecurve

cozy environemnt and friendly staff, food is good hence a pleasant lunch

i ordered Hana Mariowase - Surf clam, butter fish, salmon, tuna.

carpaccio with  gome seed, ponzu, layu, shoyu and sake. a lovely lovely dish

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Favola - Le meridian KL

lovely set up and ambience. gets you in the mood. once you sat down, you forgot to look at the price of the food

complimentary bread with dips. i like the bread and bread stick which has chilli in it.

wagyu beef lasagna. was good! beef was really fragrant

venitian pizza on the other hand was forgetful for me.

chef made taglitelle marinara pasta in tomato sauce was the best pasta i have ever had. mainly because the pasta was freshly made, the tomato sauce was not over power instead had a light tangy taste, was so appetizing. seafood was extremely fresh . a must have!

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gelato ice cream, a must try is the below berry yogurt. it wakes you up! to its freshness!

tiramisu was my least favourite. just not the way i like it. was muddy, heavy , too sweet , just felt like it was not fresh.

creme brulee was not available in their menu, however, another restaurant inside Le Meridian ( prime restaurant) has it. and they sent it up for us.
risotto with scallop is perfect. nust have

very simple and memorable al funghi penne is wonderful

i love the grilled chicken pizza

double espresso pie is a must have! rich and not sweet!
another favola signature is beef ball and i choose to have it with freshly made parpadelle. this is a recomended dish from me also. i find the pasta deliciously smooth and even outshine the beef ball

quoted as their siganature, chocolatte cake with vanilla ice cream, not my favourite at all. it was very normal. do try grand hyatt thurty8 instant baked chocolate cake and you will know whats the difference. apparantly both favola signature dish which is this chocolate cake and tiramisu, is not food to me. double espresso tart is so much better.

catalana, looks good in presentation, taste normal to me. 3 different type of ice cream made a cake combine. not for me.