Saturday, October 27, 2012

iL Lido KL

friend recomend me to try this place as she has been a frequent traveller to italy, and among all the italian restaurant she tried in kl, il lido is best. makes me more confident to try since its also rewarded time out best italian restaurant award. the interior design of the restaurant is sleek and cozy. service was great.

coffee was nothing to complain about

pink river was refreshing

complimentary bread. not my favourite bread texture but is good. i have no complains.

complimentary raw tuna with sour cream and cavier. was nice and heart warming.

soup of the day was fish soup . tasty and fills up your stomach. soup was at the right thickness

i absoultely love chef andrea creation of cheese raviolli. it just put a smile on my face. what is good about all the dishes i have ordered in il Lido is the fact that is was not salty, not too sweet, everything was mild but yet flavorful...contradicting i know... and taste just right

another must have is tortellini with lamb shank another perfect dish.

fetticuni with veal. the pasta was so chewy and bouncy. its just my personal preference that i like the other 2 pasta dish more

creme brulee. - original, strawberry, chocolate and pistachio. i like original more.

this is not a tiramisu. this is a freaking piece of art. beautiful.....i dont even want to eat it:)

a complimentary italian traditional desert

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