Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You Everlast

Thank you Everlast for sponsoring us some awesome Everlast merchandise. Its absolutely a must have for fellow body combaters . Love their Mohammad Ali Range with motivating quotes!


GX -Group exercise Lou Sang 2011

Its the time of the year again for a GX Lou San before CNY. Gathering was at F4 restaurant on 20 Jan. Food, laughter and color code:) VIdeo available too!

Group Exercise Melaka food hunting trip; jonker street; nadeje crepe cake house

this was a back dated post on our melaka day trip on 9th Jan 2011. its was fun! food was good! Breakfast was a a local coffee shop serving noodles and yong tou fu. we had to wait up to 30mins. but no complains. no one is in a hurry and we are all in a holiday mood. i enjoy the food but not going to eat it all the time as lard is place inside the noodles.

Then we head to bee bee where we get home made pineapple tarts. was ok for me. i enjoy pine apple tarts but a different type.
ok this is one of my favourite part. one of my main reason for this trip. the nadeje crepe cake house! GUla Melaka Crepe is a must have! it is beyond delicious! drinks are affordable and nice too.

Next was Melaka Famous Jonker Street

Lunch was chicken rice

que was long but the waiting time is reasonable. about 5-10mins to get your table. it actually depends how fast others infront order their dishes. overall food was ok. i do enjyo the normal rice being serve rather than the rice ball.
other items for sale at jonker street

here is another famous chicken rice shop where we find their interior unique and cendol was good. the famosa chicken rice shop.

more in jonker street
then it was famous jonker street cendol - jonker 88. mix reviews. some say when its crowded, the quality is bad. but it was all good for us that day.
This shop is just beside jonker88. asam laksa is nice and special.Especially the texture of the noodles. spicy too.

then i cant help savour into the below. its a girl thing:)

HAving it beside famous food critics - Choi san

Dinner before we finally head home was Asam Pedas. my favourite part of this dish was being able to have salted egg is my rice. its just absolutely appetizing . a perfect match with asam fish.