Saturday, August 8, 2009

Park Village Restaurant/Shih Lin and Getha

Lunch today at Park Village Restaurant, at damansara uptown. we were actually at DU as alex wanted to look for a Tri Bike. so we went to Joo Ngan. it was my first time trying this restaurant after hearing that its fried chicken its awesome. (just beside joo ngan). below dish cost RM6.80. Not bad:)Dinner is Shih Lin's oyster Mee sua. Shih Lin might be operating in small kiosk concept, but do not underestimate them. their food is really nice. love the mee sua and the XXL chicken. although i think the chicken is kinda oily.oh and i got my self this malaysia product - Getha Pillow, 100% latex at Sunway Pyramid. if you happen to be at their shop, do try their mattress,its really good, with the music they are playing, the lighting and the aroma, makes me feel so want to sleep! anyway the reason i get this pillow is well, for better quality sleep and not wake up having stiff neck or wake up having vertigo. Hope it serve me well.

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mindee said...

All these food's making me hungry!!!