Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good Taste Pan Mee USJ10 , Yow How Fook & A.T BKT USJ Sentral

Today lunch at newly open Good Taste Pan Mee at USJ 10/1c (besite Sate restaurant), they are doing grand opening promotion now where it cost RM5 for any noodle and plus free 1 drink. Soya milk is nice. overall i still prefer super kitchen chili pan mee and Sri sentosa kung fu pan mee.

Traditional Pan mee. Was ok. soup is very clear, aka less taste. But i like it as their egg is really half boil. unlike super kitchen where i think they have too much order hence the QC of the half boil egg was abit out. sometimes the yolk are fully cooked.LO Pan Mee, with prawns, fish cakes and pork. nice with vinegar.Dry pan mee, i thought the portion was very little. taste ok. they also have curry chicken and dry chili pan mee. i tried their sui kau as well, not as good as super kitchen's one which the sui kau skin is really thin and have mroe mixture of pork and veg.Dinner at USJ Sentral newly open Yow How Fook BKT. now therei s 3 BKT shop there! first one was QIan Li Xiang which i really enjoyed their dry BKT . a must try. For Yow How Fook, i think they need more fan:) very stuffy. food wise, they have a good number of choice like honey pork, etc......which i did not try. i tried their soup BKT, was ok, as usual. Did not try their dry one. perhaps one day. but i think they need to make their rice less sticky. Else its not nice to go with the soup:). Pricing is not expensive at all. There is one more BKT shop at USJ sentral which i yet to try. its seafood BKT. also if you do happen to be around klang, try this famous BKT.

Another BKT shop, A.T Seafood BKT was just few doors away, interior was quite high class, price wise was ok for the normal BKT. But for seafood is a little bit more pricy as usual, price is determine by total grams of the seafood type you order. Their soup BKT was quite similar to the others. As for the dry BKT, its actually not bad, but i still prefer qian li xiang at

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