Saturday, November 15, 2008

myElephant Restaurant - Section 17 PJ.

i first heard of myElephant just few days back while visiting my doctor.she says the food there is cheap and always full house! so i search on the net and found some review about it too. then i got to know apparently my niece su-anne and michelle are good friends with the boss. and my cousin actually made their wedding cake. what a small world. when i first got there, i expect to see a middle age man so call boss,but to my surprise, patrick is a young chap! should be younger than me. to know more about the place, just check it out at myElephant. thanks clarah for the url.

well i actually read some review from other bloggers before deciding what to order.(below)

picture of the entrance below - courtesy of foodpooi. I can't get a good shot just now.

Pandan Cooler - super cooling thirst quencher

Miaeng Kum - DIY daun kadok wrap with coconut crisps,peanuts,dried shrimp, and assorted condiments topped with a sweet-sour tamarind plum sauce. i must say the daun kadok is really good!

Tom Som - Clear Galangal-Lemongrass-Lime Soup with Aromatic Thai Herbs. I love it, too bad cannot have much. too hot and spicy for me!
Khai Jiao Ho Mok- Egg Omelette with Fish Otak-Otak. Not bad!
Plah Nung Manow - Steamed Fish with My Elephant’s Signature Lime-Garlic-Chilli Padi Dressing. Fish is fresh too! not spicy at all, my kind of food:)
Jungle Vegetable of the DayVaries from Day to Day- i choose paku (fern tips) others available are:- markeer yao / eggplant

- tour-pu / four-angled bean

- sai-bua / waterlily shoots (seasonal)
i loveeeeeee this dish! really good! a must have! so crisps and fresh!
food are serve brown rice:)
too bad i did not get to try this : sago pudding with jack fruit and mango. they not serving it today. picture below courtesy of ugwug. gosh, made me so craving for desert now.


szethien said...

nice....look like very delicious....yammy

szethien said...

nice,look like so delicious.....
hungry le....yammy

NeWrotichic said...

Yaaa!!! @ Happy Mansion I think..Wanted to go there months backs... Elephant.. but didn't go in the end

Su-Yee said...

u can make those food too sis!

Su-Yee said...

vera, go with 88!

Anonymous said...

Food may be ok but service is lousy. Rude and arrogant. We used to like My Elephant but after tonight, we will NEVER go back. We made a reservation and arrived on time to find that our table had been given away to other customers. Same happened to another customer who also arrived on time. We were then told that reservation only means 'waiting list' and does not mean the table is available for us. No apology. In fact, both parties were told to just 'get out' of the restaurant! The other party had a rather elderly grandmother with them and we could not believe they would treat customers, including elderly people like this! Such service is considered rude even in fast food chains, let alone in a restaurant!!!

Su-Yee said...

i am sorry to hear that. when i was there that day the service was ok. i mean as usual.i did book before hand and arrive ontime. no problem for me. but i recond they should have a better system implace as you guys did book and arrived on time.

marcus lim said...

food is good, service is good and damn nice place, i am a student and i love that place, frenly bunch of chap there, but i read a few blogs people making some story up about being kicked out, repeated in a few blogs,i dun beleive it, i smell a lawsuit if elephant found out, defamation, i m a law student in um and i think i ll contact elephant the next time i go there

Altantulga said...

To all readers out there,

Pardon my English as it may not be up to par.

I am a businessman working in Mongolia and I make often business trips to Malaysia.

I totally agree with the post on how magnificent and great the food was there and I believe it will be one of my recurring destination upon my visit next.

Sadly, I would like to say, of 3 the times I went to this restaurant, my meal, disturbed quite badly only once by a very rude customer.

I love the food, the decoration and ambiance in this restaurant - but sadly, all the goodness cannot replace the horror I witness that particular day in restaurant.

I believe, the comment above is from this customer that contribute to my horror meal in My Elephant. Sir, I was there to witness it all.

At first, this man, with his family came to restaurant and indicate reservation. As the food was good there, restaurant was always packed and customer like to bask in the nice environment of My Elephant.

I overheard the waited telling the elderly man, that he have to wait slightly as there was table at corner that was clearing soon.

The man, was very angry and impatient I feel, started to speak (very loud) to the waiter and I feel is very disrecpect like talking to a dog when it is disobedient. The man was keep scolding the waiter and want to sit his own seat not the corner one. I even hear him say "get other customer out so I can sit and eat". This is very inconsiderate.

He was offer other table but he don't want it. Eventually, the owner, Mr. Soong, who I met through Mr. Patrick, another owner came out and speak to the man. The man keep shouting and Mr. Soong could not tolerate his anger and ridiculous attitude and I guess that is why Mr. Soong raise his voice.

Honestly, I personally want to stand up to confront to man, but my friend said it is "the Malaysian way" (which i choose not to believe until today)

Finally, the family was kick out and the man was very unhappy. Creating loud noise and problems while going out and making all other customer uncomfortable. To you sir, I thank you for spoiling my evening!

I think Mr. Soong did correct, protect his staff, kick out the man of the restaurant and make all of us feel comfortable again. Mr. Soong smiled to us and apologised and I felt the nice ambiance again. To Mr. Soong, you did right! Thank you (sincerely)

To that man who create problem, I have this to say to you. A man of dignity, in front of his family, barking like a madman - in a classy restaurant? where is his pateince, understanding and gentleman attitude? just wait 15 minute.
You come to a nice restaurant, with your family, dressed, looking neat and tidy but yet you act like someone from Chow Kit Road. This confirms the saying "Form is temporary, Class is Permanant" and you sir, do not have class but try to act classy for a short time only. Please visit hawker stalls where you belong

In conclusion, I will still visit My Elephant in future, provided these people do not patron there again. The food here is excellent!

nash said...

myElephant ~ I've been there many times
i think the service is good dispite they have very few staffs...
their food is like the best thai food i've ever tasted....
i would rate this restaurant 10 out of 10... :D

john chan said...

wow, some competitor tried to sabo this restaurant wei, i think u beter remove that anonymous person, wat is tis man

Mabel Lai said...

It's a restaurant that serves decent food in reasonable price. And I will be going back for other great food!