Sunday, November 30, 2008

Woods Macrobiotic.Twilight.Dragon I

i first heard about this place from newspaper. it belongs to Aunty June. One of mom's best friend. not long ago, david also mention to me that he went to this place. so here i am! i guess mom would be so happy that i finally meet up with aunty june as they have lost contacts for awhile. and i think vera is gonna like it too:)

alex ordered sundays special - which has organic roasted peanut,organic 5 energy soup,organic enzymatic papaya salad,organic fried brown rice with nori seaweed,tofu and vegetable,organic flora fruit enzyme drink.i ordered fried udon. i really like it. fresh and not salty, but tasty. just first aunty june did not recognise me, untill i introduce myself, i think she has not seen me for more then 10 years, but she knew me since i was a baby! so aunty june bought us lunch! hehe, and gave me a membership card which cost RM50. she also treat us desert as below:

alex was sick so she made him Umei Boshi Vinegar, which can alkali the body. and this amazing apple cake, without sugar, egg, preservative but still taste so nice! a must try!

and for the coffee lovers, this is coffee made of brown rice! so it taste like coffee, but no caffeine!and so i tapau a dragon gruit cake and praline with sesame, some organic package soup, noodles and instant oat.can you see the rattan that alex is holding? its rm15 per piece and you can use it for full body massage and exercise. i even got the vcd......will check it out later.

Woods Macrobiotic Restaurant

25,Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar Baru,

59100 KL ( just beside devi's corner)


Operation Hours: 11am - 9.30pm(last order at 9pm)

(Hiring Manager and waiter for Kl branch oppostire federal hotel)

next, movie at pyramid with seng chuan. i have no idea whats the name of the lead actor and actress, but the actor sure is handsome! and i think i am too old for this movie.because we were surrounded by young girls about age about 16,17 and they were cheering when the lead actor appear. they even clap when both of them kiss. and i thought this movie was gonna be something like "Underworld".Dinner at Dragon I. i do hope canton I can open soon, so i dont have to go all the way to ONe Utama.

Beef Ramen

my fav sweet and sour ramen
fried rice with pork chop and they have the same golden sand bun as duck king! from the same distributor i guess.
last but not least, enjoy this beautiful piece.


Alowevera said...

Was planning to go there last week but ended up in Taipan and Subang.

Heard of that MAcrobiotic place last year..

Can't wait to go there and try the food out soon!! hehe.. Been goin to the ss18 one sooo often..

Su-Yee said...

great! they gonna change their menu soon cos their menu has no picture. abit hard to order.
they need manager for Kl branch too

Shirlyn said...

when is KL branch opening? it is near my office. I will try it during lunch time if opened! the food looks great

Su-Yee said...

hi, the kl branch is open already if i am not can call the bangsar phone number to ask so you know what time to get there.