Monday, December 26, 2011

Din Tai Fung

prawn dumpling
honey bean curd was way too sweet for my liking
drunken chicken
red bean paste with glutinious rice ball
this is my 2nd visit to Din tai Fung. First one was few years back when Mid Valley Branch just opened. the reason i stop visiting after that as the food fail to wow me. it took me few years to actally gave them a 2nd try. and this time, it was much better. i absolutely love the century egg(must have) imported from Taiwan. It is delicious! and the price is very reasonable. next is special homemade mix veg. very good. really opens up the appetite. the below fried shrimp and mango was just ok for mebelow is XIao Long Bao with Truffle. RM7 per piece. yes is slight expensive, i only had one. but the truffle taste is awesome.pork and prawn dumpling is not badclassic xiao long bao. I enjoy the very thin skin textureshrimp and pork siew mai was just ok. skin is slightly thickerfried rice is simple and fresh
cha jiang noodle - the pork is too salty for me. however i really enjoy the texture of the Ra men. it is better than Dragon -i's ramen
sweet and sour la men was good. I also enjoy Dragon -I 's versiongarlic oil ramen is good too. like indomeebeef ramen, i did not eat this but i tried the soup. was good.lastly is desert- xiao long bao with red bean. oh so good:)

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