Monday, December 26, 2011

Soup Restaurant - One Utama

another singapore restaurant has made its debut in one utama. i realy enjoy the bamboo setup of this place. introducing their famous specialty SAm Sui Ginger Chicken. It is simple and tender. Ginger is very good comes the soup of the day, sharkfin with old cucumber. thumbs up.

this below is a must have for me- their homemade tofu. silkly , soft,melts in your mouth. delicious

handchop pork with salted fish is ok for me
ah por fan shu leaves is very good tooah gong ginger fried rice is fragrant and nice:)

olive oil rice is oh delicious! must have! huge amount for only rm10!

fish tasted bland but in a good way
fully meat. its really nice
fried fish belly is a mush have. just nice.

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