Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coffee Confidential

HK TVB recently has a documentary about Coffee. hosted by Moses Chan, where he travels to Italy,Kenya,Indonesia, Taiwan, Denmark and other places for coffee tasting. absolutely a must watch for the coffee lovers. Its call Coffee Confidential.( One of the place moses recommended was Illy coffee in Italy, we have Illy coffee here too. So today myself and alex paid our 2nd visit to Pavilion's Illy. First time at Illy was actually last year when PAvilion TF opens. Alex ordered CAppucino Freddo Greco ( Iced cappuccino) and i ordered Greco All'Italiana (Funky version of an iced latte). what so special about illy' coffee ( according to moses) was the way they package their coffee. all container goes thru process to ensure coffee are well pack and keep fresh. well if you are craving for baileys and coffee with whisky, illy served them aswell. about Rm25 a cup. And..... i hope one day the tv channel will make a documentary about my uncle's coffee plantation and cafe - DAGAN:) as uncle plant his own coffee tree, process and pack them.
oh and this, cant help putting this picture up. my cat - mei mei see how she pose! tak boleh tahan:P

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Mawar said...

hihihi cute cat!